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"Ready?" I asked Baekhyun. He replied by nodding his head and plastered a small smile on his face. Even though he knew he didn't need to fake that smile.

I sighed and intertwined hands with him towards the cold and empty graveyard. Since it's Monday today, it's no surprise that there's nobody here. We're the only ones here.

"It's this one, right?" Baekhyun was facing a stone with the name Choi Hyunsoo craved on it. Long time no see, kiddo.

"Hello my superhero, I missed you." My voice was already staring to crack because of the rush of emotions I was feeling at once. Good thing it's only Baekhyun here.

"How is it here in heaven? Are you happy there with mommy?"

I still remember each second of the incident clearly, how this little kid took the bullet that was aimed at me and how his tears flooded out when it hit him. They took him to the hospital but it was too late, he was already gone, he left me.

That tore a huge piece of me. The kid, he would've lived a great life, but he had his life cut short just because of me. Just because I couldn't see what was coming for me.

Of course people would say that it isn't my fault, but I just... At least Baekhyun understood me. He told me he knew how it felt, also that what is done, is done, we can't change what has happened in the past.

I haven't moved on though. Even after two months have passed. Many things happened, Baekhyun got a job offer as an author after he revealed the hidden dairy he had been writing ever since he was a kid. I must say, his writing is actually good. And I am honoured to be the first person to read his works every time, now that we live together. Erm... you can say that we're sort of a thing now. You know..
Couple, yeah.

I'm still at the police station, not changing until I retire. It's risky, but I like what I do. Also, I promoted after case 904. After that case, I grew even more fond of my job.

Nick? He's in prison. Probably plotting my death, I don't care. I will die one day anyway.

"Don't you feel cold?" Baekhyun snapped me out of my thoughts. I actually didn't feel cold until he mentioned it. "Yeah, we better get going."

Taking the bunch of flowers from his hands, I placed them on Hyunsoo's and his mother's grave before moving on to the next ones, my parent's grave.

"I missed you dad," As if I could hear my mom complaining about not greeting her, I greeted her the same way.

"How are you two doing?"

"Here I present you Byun Baekhyun, my current boyfriend." I made sure to emphasize 'current' just to see his reaction.

"Yes, current boyfriend." Huh? "Because in the future we'll more than that."

Oh... Really Baekhyun, in front of my parents?

"Thank you for your hard work in creating such a beautiful child like Taeyeon. I, Byun Baekhyun, will take very good care of her and shower her with love. Even though I can't provide a luxurious life, I'll make sure that she gets all the happiness and love she can receive from me. Once again, thank you for creating such a beautiful child. I hope you two are happy up there."

"That was so cheesy."

"You know you love it, so why bother complaining?"

Stupid. "When did I ever complain?"

And he only grinned that stupid grin at me, the exact one he grinned when I first told him: yolo, and he replied me: iolo.

That was lame, but it was what started what I feel for him now. It's a little cheesy but,



"I love you."

"Of course you do."






can you feel me
i died at the end omf why do i like to torture myself like this


the end.

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