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Hyunsoo's POV

They were speaking things I couldn't understand. What do they mean by punish? Who is punish? Why would they punish those uncles?

Perhaps.. because they were ugly? Will I also be punished if I grow up as ugly as them? Those ugly uncles looked very scary.

Especially the one who kept on looking at aunty Taeyeon. I remember one of the evil villains on TV also had that look, perhaps they are related?

They looked really similar!

I was looking at him when he turned his head to me, and so I smiled. But I guess villain uncle doesn't want to play; he gave me an angry look instead.

Oooh, he's rude!

Mommy used to say that being rude is not nice. Then I guess villain uncle is not nice? But, speaking of mommy, I really miss her. They told me that mommy is dead.

Mommy told me once that when a person dies, they leave the earth and go to a better place called heaven. There, they can eat, sleep, play and watch pororo all day!

So I don't understand why dying isn't a good thing. Why don't all of us die? We don't have to go to school!

Mommy is dead.

She is enjoying in heaven while I still have to go to school! When my classmates tell me that my mommy is dead, I just give them a nod and smile so I can hide my jealousy.

Mommy said jealousy is not a good thing.

But mommy, I'm really jealous. And I feel bad for feeling jealous. I also miss mommy. Can't I just join her in heaven?

I was so sad when they told me she was dead, she left me! I even cried so much on Taeyeon aunty's shoulder.

Ew! Not a manly thing to do Hyunsoo!

I was still thinking about mom when all of the people stood up and started leaving. Huh? Is it dismissal already? But my school ends at three and it's only twelve now! I don't want to go back to school!

From my right, I saw villain uncle take a cop's gun and aim it towards...

Aunty Taeyeon?

"Aunty!" I shouted, but she didn't seem to hear me. So I ran all the way towards her to tell her that vilian uncle wants to play, but then I couldn't tell her because my head suddenly hurt a lot.

The pain,

it felt horrible.

But I knew everything would be okay when I saw mommy's figure behind aunty.

"Mommy!" I ran towards her and hugged her tightly. I thought mommy was in heaven? Did she come back? Or did I...


I turned around and saw me, another me, lying on the ground with eyes closed. Then I faced mommy again, "Am I dead?"

yes i'm a horrible human for killing a little child but then at least he can watch his pororo at heaven

/jumps off a cliff/

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