This chapter is all from Lakota's POV, a character who you haven't met yet, but will get to know very quick :) lol. 

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I dipped my rough hands into a bowl of water nestled at my feet, slicking my tangle of hair away from my face. Sighing, I stood from the chair in the corner of our hut, a loud ceremonious drum pounding in my ears as I dug my fingers into the clay on the wooden table next to me. My fingertips chalked with the red substance, arching down across my naked chest as I smoothed the clay on my skin, marking where my new tattoo would be.

Wiping my hand on my twine shorts, hoping to wipe away the clay, but instead staining the material of the shorts my mother had worked hard to make. I opened the door of the hut, my eyes flying across my village.

Wide tree trunks encompassed us, their branches and leaves towering high above. Wooden huts stood lined up down aisle of ground down earth, making a road that led down past the huts to the small marketplace and finally leading up to our temple. Leading me up to my destination.

Other village members stood outside of their huts, waving to me approvingly as my feet dug into the cool earth, my head nodding to my neighbors as I walked by them. My friend, Salso, punched my arm playfully as I walked by, his chest still empty of the tribal tattoo I was about to receive.

I passed the huts and through the aisle of small stands that contain food and other goods during the day. But not today. Today was considered a holiday, for it was my birthday. My eighteenth birthday to be exact, and it was considering the most important one, my marking into manhood.

The temple grew in size before me, the top of it nearly merging with the line of green branches high above us. Moss grew across the stoned structure, the stairs to the top of the temple covered with it-- squishing underneath my bare feet as I stepped my way up to the top where the chief and my family would be waiting.

I was panting when I reached the top, my mother and father smiling at me as my eyes connected with theirs. My father was a giant compared to my small mother, their hair both black and eyes the same creamy brown as mine. Chief Rondu stood by my father, a look of satisfaction filling his face, glad to accept me into his tribe of warriors. Another person I didn't expect to see stood next to my mother, a girl with curly black hair her eyes filled with excitement.

Benka was allowed to be here because of our betrothal, but that didn't mean that I was as glad to see her as she was to see me. Even though I've known her all of my life, I just don't find myself wanting to marry her.

I gazed back at my parents who were looking into each others' eyes, my father's arm wrapped comfortably around my mother's waist. They had loved one another from the very beginning, happy to be chosen to be together and I wanted that. I wanted to feel the spark that they shared with someone of my choosing, not be forced to do so.