Chapter 34- Colour

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Chapter 34- Colour

I open my eyes, squinting to block out the sun. I'm still sitting on Dylan's lap and I can hear everyone whispering in hushed tones. I bump up and down when the car goes over a few stones and the air conditioner blows icy air through the car making me sigh in relief.

I love the cold, I can live in rain and snow but send me to the desert and I will die.

The song best day of my life by American Authors is playing on the radio. This song actually brings back so many happy memories of my parents and I.

I'm not as close to them as I used to be. We used to travel a lot together when I was young but now that I'm old enough to be left alone, they just leave me to go on business trips or they travel together, without me.

I've never been overseas before though, we could never afford it so we would just traveled around our city.

I look up at Dylan to see that he is smiling at me. It's not his famous smirk, its a genuine smile. He's blue eyes are alive and he looks happy.

I lift my index finger and boop him on the nose and he chuckles, shaking his head. "You know you look really adorable when you sleep." Dylan points out.

"That's creepy that you're watching me in my sleep... You've been spending too much time with Edward Cullen." I state, shaking my head.

Dylan laughs, "It was totally worth it. He gave me lessons on how to bite," Dylan winks, "I can test it on you if you want, just tell me where."

I start blushing furiously and I push him on his shoulder, he sees me blushing and he laughs again. "Yeah Mai, you do look cute, compared to Dylan who snores like a pig in his sleep." Sebastian says, laughing. Dylan grunts and kicks the back of the drivers seat which Sebastian is sitting on causing Sebastian to laugh harder.

For populars at my school they sure are immature and disgusting compared to their little façade of maturity they put on in front of other people. I guess I'm glad they can be themselves with me.


We stop in the parking lot of the beach which is packed to the brim with cars. We finally find a parking spot and all hop out the car.

"What is this place?" I ask.

"A beach." Dylan says in a duh tone.

"Well no shit, I mean what's happening here?" I say pointing the people running around the beach throwing some kind of coloured powder at each other.

"Oh, it's a colour fest." Dylan explains, "Come on, I'll show you." he adds when I scrunch my eyebrows in confusion.

We walk down the path to the beach where people are covered from head to toe in different coloured powders.

I turn around and watch everyone laughing and running around the beach while Dylan goes to buy the powder packets.

A hand smears red powder all the way down my cheek. I spin around to see Dylan grinning adorably and I glare at him.

He spins around and runs as fast as he can through the crowd causing us to leave the rest of the group to do their thing.

I am about to catch up to Dylan which is a huge achievement because he is fit and plays for the football team so managing to catch up to him is like winning the Grammy's. I grabs some of my blue powder and chuck it straight at Dylan's hair, "Bullseye!" I shout.

Dylan stops dead in his tracks and turns around with a deadly look on his face. I should probably be running but instead I grab more powder and chuck it straight at his pretty face. I didn't think it was possible but he looks even scarier and even angrier than he was when I got it in his hair.

The thing about Dylan Thompson is that nobody touches his hair, looking at it is an honor in itself but getting in messed with blue powder... You're as good as dead.

Dylan starts running towards me.

Oh shit!

I spin around on my heels and run down the beach as fast as my little feet can take me. I start panting, running on a beach is so much harder than it seems when other people do it.

I keep a constant pace but Dylan catches up to me somehow and tackles me down. He knock the air out of me as he lands straight on top of me.

I turn my body around under Dylan so my face isn't full of sand. To my surprise, Dylan doesn't look mad anymore, he is actually smiling down at me.

I lift my thumb and wipe the blue powder off Dylan's delicious lips. He stares down at my lips, "I have blue, you have red... Do you want to make purple?" Dylan whispers with a wink.

I chuckle, "Very original." I state.

"Come on, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity." Dylan explains looking like he got caught doing something bad. I lean my face up to his, this is the perfect opportunity.

Just as Dylan is going to kiss me, I take a handful of blue powder and run it all over Dylan's face and hair. Before he realizes what has happened, I slip out from under him and run as fast ask can possibly move. I can hear him screaming and running after me but I don't turn around.

I'm not properly watching where I am going and I run straight into Ryan causing us to both fall over. Ryan looks up at me, "Hmm, as much as I am enjoying this position, I don't think you're boyfriend would appreciate it." Ryan says, looking down with a smirk at my body which is currently straddling him.

I get off him quickly, blushing hard at what I just did, "I am so sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going an I-" Ryan cuts me off with a wave of his hand, "Don't worry sweet cheeks, it's all good." he assures me.

I smile and turn around, watching Dylan throw powder at Grace and laughs. She glares at him then attacks him with bright pink powder.

I laugh and shake my head, they're all freaks. Jordan sneaks up behind me and noogies me with orange powder.

I scream and turn around, before I even know what I am going I take the entire packet and throw it at Jordan then burst out laughing.

Dylan walks up to me, drenched in pink powder and shakes himself off on me like a dog.

An alarm goes off signaling that everyone has to leave the beach.

"Shit, we didn't get to wash off." Jordan says.

"It's fine, we can walk to the dam down the road and wash off there." Dylan says.

We all leave the beach and walk down to the dam. The sun has already set and the sky is getting darker.

This is going to be freezing.


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