Ninja no more

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I kept looking at the house, hoping for something to pop out, or a sign to be held up, saying "the big secret is over here." But luck is not on my side. I really needed a way inside that house, some sort of undercover work. But getting into kellen’s mansion is like trying to rob a cookie from the cookie monster. "Shivers," not like I’ve tried it... It is an impossible task.

I knew I could stay in the bush no longer, not only my back was killing, it was really cold. My hands were numb, yet my camera was out on my lap, for me to quickly pick up and snap a shot. I was like a ninja with the camera, my sensei taught me well, and actually it was my teacher at college. But let's not get side tracked from my real mission. 

Taking down “you know who”, no I’m not talking about V-O-L-D-E-M-O-R-T, Oh yeah I can say his name, since I’m just cool like that. I was talking about Kellen. Suddenly there was movement outside of the mansion. I quickly picked up my camera, and zoomed in, it was… I squinted. Kellen, Oh my lord, he was even sexier in real life, stupid bliss, concentrate. Nothing suspicious was happening, well not to untrained eye, see this is the first time he has been out in a week, and all he does is lean against his car. I frowned. Why couldn’t he just do something scandalous so I could move on with my life, and get out of these stupid stinking bushes?

 I waited for at least 10 minutes, I got bored at started to really take in my surroundings, and his house was actually spectacular.  A dream house, well it should be since he had top designers and an unlimited credit card, if it didn’t look nice I would be very worried. But it is still nice to look at, almost picturesque. A ringing noise shook me out of my day dream. I frowned, where was that noise was coming from? I looked back at Kellen, he picked up his phone. I held my breath and tried to listen closely to the conversation.

Kellen: “Hello” (a questioning expression was shown on his face, the lamps outside that lit up the garden shone on his face)

Person talking to Kellen: “………….”

Kellen: “No I can’t do that.”

Person: “…………..”

Kellen: “Well I can hardly do that when she is around.” (exsparated, annoyed tone, frowning heavily) 

(I held my breath was he talking about me?)

Person: “……….”

Kellen: “She watches me like a hawk man, I have to be careful, and Astrid cannot be around that, she’s better off staying with you for a couple of days.” (his tone of voice made me think he was super annoyed)

(Who the hell was Astrid, did he know I was watching him?)

Person: “……………….”

Kellen: “Yeah I understand it’s hard, but once it blows over we can get back to normal, yeah I miss and love her too, No I will talk to her later, Yeah and I miss everyone else, you can take charge, man.”

Person: “…………………..”

Kellen : “It won’t be long now, a couple of days, I call again soon when she’s awake, yeah man, I’ll take care of the problem, but I can’t do anything about it, right now, I’ll hold the fort here, you hold the fort there, может лунном свете быть с тобой.”

Person: “…..”

Kellen: “Goodbye,” 

How did Kellen know Russian? Who was Astrid?Why did he miss her so much?And why did he have to tell the person to hold down the fort?  All these questions ran through my mind at a rapid rate. Then a light appeared next to me, crap security! I picked up my camera and hastily put it round my next then I made a run for it; into the forest was my best escape

. I hid in some thick vegetation, I heard a rustle, I turned to the noise, a cat shot out and attacked me with claws, I pushed it off me, probably had rabies, and ran away, I heard a noise behind me, I turned and just as I was about to turned back, I was knocked out, my last thought was, ‘I hope my camera is alright.’ I ran into a tree, how Tarzan of me. I was a poet and I didn’t know it.

The light blinded my eyes, my head pounded and I ached all over, so much for being a ninja. I tried to sit up, but my bones did not want to cooperate. I was in a comfortable bed. I finally could focus on things, this defiantly wasn’t my bedroom or the hospital. Finally i noticed someone was in the strange room with me, a very handsome someone. I blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

“Am I in heaven?” The person laughed.

No but if you were dead baby this would be hellIt all came flooding back then, why I was knocked out. Who the stranger was, I finally realised.

I was in enemy soil, to be precise; I was in Kellen’s mansion. I was just so clumsy I mean running into a tree, how cliché. I knew I had to face the consequences. Kellen had caught me spying. This didn’t look good for me. He broke the silence.

“I know who you are, Bliss Armstrong, but I would like to know why you were on my property.” I chocked on my words.

“Cat got your tongue Miss Armstrong” Kellen taunted, damn was he fine when he was angry. And boy he was irked.  

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