Chapter 40 - Officially his girl

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That was the only word that came out from my mouth. Arhhhh! Why would I thank her?! Jamieee! You are so dead.

First, I can't understand her

Second, what is this all about?

I took a sigh, well I can't do anything now, what's done is done, I can't change that. All that's left to me



Arh just say it Chloe!

...Is to follow her.

"Fine. What am I suppose to do today?" I asked her, but then she gave me a glass of water and I slowly drank it.

"Sehun wants to meet you; he wants to tell you something important! Hihi! I think it's about confession, wahhh~"

In the middle of that, my eyes widened and suddenly, I spilled out the water from my mouth to Jamie. {A/N: It's raining! Wiee~}

"REALLY?!!" I was astonished! At the same time, panicking.

" you have a tissue?"


"Come on Jamie, you know very well that Sehun doesn't like waiting!" I kept on dragging her out of our house.

"Oooohh come on Chloe, let him wait." she moaned and by the time I looked at her... "Uhh, haha just kidding! Let's goooo~" she held my hands and we ran.

By the time we've reached the bus stop, we immediately went inside.


"Finally, we're here" I said. I got down and Jamie did too. I looked around; we're on a beautiful park where I haven't been yet. There's a fountain, some bench, and a bridge with a river. This place is so nice!

"No Chloe, you're finding him, I'm going back to School."


There I go again.

"Yes, oh! And here, take this." She gave me a beautiful scented paper that says 'Can' and a red rose.


"Ahh-ha! I knew you had a crush on me!" I pointed at her and shouted.

"Ewwww! Yuck! Chloe stop it!" She rolled her eyes on me, tss. I was just saying.

"Fine. What am I suppose to do with this? Is this edible? I'm hungry" I said.

"Tsss.Then go tell your boyfriend."

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