Chapter Twenty-Three

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2) I have a possible idea for another fanfic. Please note that I would NOT start it until I finished this one. Also, this is not the official description: What would happen if the Fates were captured? What if they were forced to cut the string of the hero we all know so well? Percy Jackson. Would it work? Or would ancient laws prevent the tragedy?

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  Hazel sat with the rest of the seven on the beach of Camp Half Blood. Frank was there because it was Sunday.

It had taken nearly an hour, but they had finally gotten Percy's wheelchair on the sand. With the boys help, Percy was now out of the wheelchair and leaning against a tree. Though Hazel didn't see why they didn't just carry him there rather than bother with the wheelchair. Possibly because Percy was being stubborn and didn't want help.

Annabeth was leaning against Percy. Hazel had her head on Frank's shoulder and Jason's head was in Piper's lap. Leo sat next to Percy. They were joking around.

"This is nice," she said, "Being here with everyone. By the beach."
"It is," Percy agreed, "Definitely better than the Big House."

They all nodded in agreement. "Hey Annabeth?" Percy asked.
"You ever think I'll go back to the Poseidon cabin?"
"Maybe. We could keep the current sleeping arrangements. Seeing as you have no siblings."

All that was heard were the crashing of the waves before Jason said, "Hazel? Are you going back to Camp Jupiter?"

At this question, everyone perked up. "I-I suppose. But only when Percy's walking again. And I'll visit constantly."
"Hazel," Percy said softy, "Don't let me hold you back from being at Camp Jupiter. It's your home."
"That's not necessarily true. My home is where my friends are. And most of you are here. And Frank's visiting all the time. But I know you can't keep doing that forever." The truth was, Hazel couldn't stand not being with Frank all the time. Especially after what they'd been through. But she didn't mention that.
"I'll have this schedule until you come back," Frank stated confidently.
"And I'll be back when Percy's walking again," she repeated, with a finality to her tone.
"But Hazel I-"
"No Percy, I'm staying until your better. No argument."
"I hate causing trouble."
"More like getting stuck in the middle of all the trouble," Piper corrected him.

"About you walking again," Leo said, "do you know when that will be?"
"I'm hoping within the next month."
"If you listen to me, Chiron, and Will then we'll see," Annabeth cut in.
"She's right, again," Jason spoke up.
"Yeah, yeah we all know Annabeth's a genius. Tell me something new," Leo commented, rolling his eyes and laying on the sand.

They stayed there for the rest of the day. For once, Hazel was able to forget that her friend was in a coma only months ago. Forget that she just fought a war.

And she felt better than ever.

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