Her Laugh

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I have never heard something so sweet until I heard her laugh. The way she laughs just brings a smile to my face.
It's contagious, infectious, and it takes me over from head to toe. I get absorbed in the moment and all I can do is laugh along with her. I lose my breath because with her I don't stop laughing.
The world around me loses its colour as I hear her laugh start to fade and all I want to do is make her laugh again so my world can fill with colour again. I'd spend my whole life making her laugh if I could but these small moments between us filled with laughs and colour are enough. I wouldn't want to spoil the greatest moments I've ever experienced.
My favourites are those late night laughs where it's just us and no one else is there to join in. They're the brightest because they come from our secret moments where we both love each other and it isn't one sided. She isn't hiding and neither am I. We speak through our laughs, we tell each other the true depths of our love. It's a beautiful thing, short and sweet but worth the world to me. I wait for the next time I get to hear that laugh of hers.

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