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I bump into everyone but Adrien and Ni-
"Are you okay?" A familiar voice ask.
I stop and stare, then I said.


"NINO?!?" I yelled.
"Oww that hurts dudette, but how do you know my name." He ask.
"*sighlook at me in the eyes." I put my glasses on top of my head and stare in his eyes.
"Okay" his eyes widen and give me a bear hug.
"How what but you how but you?" He starts to shake.
"Nino? Dude are you okay?"
"Okay let's go for a walk."

*Time skip*

Nino P.O.V

We walk in (Y/n) house. Its still the same, roomie and big, like how I remember it.

"So you are Nino aka Mr. Bubbles?" A female voice ask?
I jump around and saw a girl with red blood like eyes and white hair.
"Who are you? Wait, (N/n) did mention she got a new sis."
"That's me. Didn't know she talk about me."
"Why won't I talk about you, Hail?" (Y/n) ask.

(Y/n) P.O.V.  :TIME SKIP:

"Nino what's you look at?" I ask, as he look at the pictures/drawings.
"Who is this?" He ask. He was pointing to a drawing I drawn LadyBug and Chat Noir. I giggle then said. "You don't remember them?"
"Nope" he popping the 'p'
I was speechless and then I finally said something. "Nino you need you go its getting late" I push I out.

Snow: active howl

I snap my finger my tail, ears, hair, eyes turn to a crystals-blue,crystal-blue suit that cover all of my body. I have a white lace scaf around your neck and mouth. My whip around waist, No mask.


I have stop five crimes.
Two bank robber, two breaking out of jail and one stealing food from the market.
"Alpha?" A female voice ask.
"LadyBug? Chat Noir? I have been wondering when you will show up."
"Who are they?"
I turn around to see Cholè.
"They were my partners, when I left I told them to  protect the city but they didn't"
"Oh okay. So can I have your autograph " that  surprise me
"S-sure" I hesitate.
"Do you know my father? The Mayor? You must because you save Paris and (h/t)! You know him right?" She ramble on and on about her. There the Cholè I know.
"Well bye Cholè" then ran.
I heard "Sabrina did you got all of that. That video is more IMPORTANT than your life"
I giggle at that statement.
"Who are and why did you stop the crimes when we have policeman?" A reporter ask me.
"Well, silly, I'm faster than the police and I need to do this, and if I don't no one will survive what's coming next."
Beep Beep
"Bye" I said that and ran.

No One P.O.V

Adrien and Marinette saw the little interview with Alpha.A little memory came back


"Chat, Lady if I ever leave you promise to protect the city without me" Alpha ask. She was serious.
They both nodded there heads.
"Okay now let's go stop crimes in the city" Alpha smirk and ran "Can you catch me?"

Flashback end

"Was I LadyBug/Chat Noir?" Adrien and Marinette ask themselves.

Hi okay if you want to draw your outfit you can, cause thus is going to be your outfit for awhile.

Next chapter: School and old friends

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