Chapter 24

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Cara's POV
He didn't say anything to me the whole way there and just held my hand. This is the most quiet he has ever been and it was killing me so bad. When we got settled in the hotel room, he left to call grandma and I just sat there until I got a text from Jacob.

J-jacob C-Cara

J: Cara why aren't you answering? Where are you guys?
C: Toronto
C: Just go rant to Hunter or something...
I turned off our chat before he could reply and saw a text from Jack.
JG-Jack C-Cara
JG-I got lost because I saw Skate on our way up, please come help me!!!
I smiled and got up to go get him, but stopped when I heard sniffling.
"I just, I just don't know what to do anymore! She's so perfect and fragile and people are doing so much damage to her while I stand and watch her world shatter infront of me. I can't put her pieces together and I don't know how to make her happy, all I do is make her sad", Cameron said in sobs and I froze. "Here I am, her own dad, not understanding how to fix a mess I started.... I guess I'll have to go with your idea because I'm useless. Seeing her like this is hurting me more than words can explain", he continued and I heard the call end. None of what he said was true about himself, I'm so stupid. His sobbing got louder and I heard something sliding. I slowly opened the door as my eyes became red and tears built up in them. He looked up from the floor and started to cry harder. Now I was crying and sat across from him.
"I don't want to make you feel this way. I'll do anything to make you happy, please", I said in a shaky voice.
"Neither do I and I tried everything but you still aren't happy. I such at being a person", he said and I looked away.
He got up and sat beside me while wiping his tears.
"Look at me", he said and turned my face around.
"Anything?" He asked in a hushed tone. I nodded my head and he sighed while looking up.
"This will kill me even more but it's good for you and we both need you to do this", he mumbled and sounded like he was talking to himself.
"You need to go to rehab for your problems before you wind up dead which will kill me too", he softly said as his voice cracked and he put his hand through my hair. We both started crying again and I answered.
"I-I'll go for you", I managed to get out of my mouth and got up.
"Thank you", he said and got up to before hugging me. I hugged back and told him that I needed to find Jack.
I washed my face and started to head to the lobby where I found Jack standing there like a lost puppy. I smiled at the thought of how lucky I am to have him and walked up to him while lacing my hand through his. His worried expression dropped and I smiled even harder because of the faces Skate was making behind him.
"Awww, I love your dimples", he said now smiling too. I pointed over his shoulder and me and Skate laughed as he pretended to read a random magazine. Jack flipped him off before I dragged him away to the hotel room. Cameron was sitting on the couch on his phone, so I ran up to him and cuddled up beside him. We took silly selfies before I got up to put my pj's on. I was looking in the mirror and brushing my hair before Jack came and took it from me.
"Let me braid your hair", he said and Cameron mumbled 'good luck'. As he attempted, Cameron walked in all jittery and I gave him a weird look.
"Your name is officially Madison", he said and a weight got lifted off my chest. I hated being reminded off where I came from whenever my name was said.
"Now we can call her Mads", Jack stated and I blushed while he refocused on my hair.
"So Mads, I have some news", he continued while finishing up his 'work of art'. I sat on the counter and asked,"Which is?"
"I'm going back on tour and I'm bringing a certain person with me", he said and grabbed my hands.
"Are you serious?!" I shouted and he nodded.
"It starts when we get back and Cam could come since your his babygirl and all", he continued and my heart dropped.
"What's wrong?" He asked with a worried expression. I walked to my bed and sat on it while staring at the ground.
"I leave for rehab when we get back", I mumbled and pulled the covers over me.
He came and sat down beside me. "I can always reschedule because only the first date is set", he whispered and I jumped.
"Are you ducking kidding", I shouted.
"Are you allowed to say that word?" Cameron asked and I quickly mumbled sorry.
"Well it is my tour and they will need me because I'm 50% of the performance but, Ya", he said while monotone.
"Why do you need to go to rehab?" He asked me and I looked away.
"Old habits", I said in a hushed tone while Cameron turned the lights off.
Jack went to his bed and Cameron came and kissed my cheek.
"Goodnight my one and only", he said. Well you know how this is the part where your supposed to say 'goodnight' back? I didn't.
"Dad?" I asked.
"Yes Mads?" He said.
"Could you do me a favour while I'm gone?" I sat up.
He sighed and replied,"Anything for you babygirl".
"Go on tour with the rest if magcon because I don't want you showing up to check on me everyday and I know you will. Ask them to make the tour locations further and further but the more better I get, the closer you book them. And try not to kill Hunter and all those fuckboys while I'm not there", I said.
"Dang that's alot. But I'll do it because it's actually smart for us at the moment", he said with a little disappointment.
"This is gonna be hard", I mumbled to myself.
"I know", Cameron said and kissed my forehead before walking to his bead.
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