Crazy is a word

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I was walking to school when I saw two boys walk up to me. "Hello crazy"one said. "Hello freak"the other said. I kept walking. But the blonde stopped me. "Let me go Garroth"I said. He pulled down my hood. "Wow crazy got hair. "He laughed. I rolled my eyes. "Yo insane. Do you take pills in the morning to keep you from killing people "Laurence said. I then was getting scared. I tried to move but they wouldn't let me. "What's the matter. Aph. "They both said. Then started laughing. Then let go of me and looked terrified. I turned to see that angry kid. Then they both ran. I looked at the guy and just put my hoodie back on. "Aren't you going to thank me"he said. "Thanks "I said not turning around. Great now I am going to die today. Just great. I walked to the front door to school and I heard people whisper. "She's the one who went insane and killed two people "and"why is she here she should be in a crazy nut house". I just ignored them. I walked to my first class. Witch was home room so I just listened to music. "Ok. So I have an good news everyone "Mr.Teach said. "So. I will sent up partners for a huge project "he said. Every said yea in that "why are we here"way. I listened to see I was with. "Blah and blah. Aphmau and Aaron"I looked up. Who the heck is Aaron. I looked around. "Ok so raise your hands when I call your name so you know who your partner is. And the girls move to the guys. Ok"he said. Then he said a few names and I heard mine and Aaron's. I looked around and saw him. Darn its that angry kid. I moved to where he is. "Ok so here is the project "the reach said. "You will chose one sickness. Like Aph you can learn more about your sickness. You know what I am going to make you do that. Ok I will tell you other people your. You two talk about what you will do"he said. I then looked at Aaron. "What sickness do you have. "
I just looked at him

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