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(I've come to the conclusion this book Ness a second part, book 4 par 2. There's much much to this story and had already been written ad the longest book of this series. This book will have a few more chapters)
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"You both consider me harsh. Brute. Uncaring to anyone other than myself." Blair went on speaking to us as if we cared to listen.
She held a gun full of special bullets Mason took the time to boast about. Elena and I sat across from her in the limo as we drove into a nearby town.
I nibbled on my bottom lip fantasizing about the blood I'd already devoured. I gritted my teeth fighting the pull of blood that nearly snagged me.
Blair continued. "I do what is necessary to keep our race on top. Elena understands." Covering her mouth from Elena, Blair whispered to me, "she's been alive for over five hundred years."
I wanted to wipe that smirk off of Blair's face. I made no reaction to her comment on Elena's age.
"And she was a lot tougher than she is now." Blair shook her head in disappointment. "The daughter I once had would have been out of this situation days ago." Blair turned back to me. "This isn't our first rodeo."
Elena stared straight ahead unfocused on everyone.
The thought crossed my mind many times on Elena's age but tonight was not one of those times.
Blair's cheerful clapping of her hands, the gun rattling slightly, tore my eyes into the direction Blair was looking at. She pointed out through the tinted windows. "Humans. So many to choose from."
I wasn't going to hurt anyone. I pulled my focus away from the window. In the back of my mind I thought of taking a second peak. There was no harm in looking.
'For a vampire, or hybrid in your case, there is always harm in simply observing a potential meal.'
Elena spoke to me through our connection and my face skewed in frustration knowing she was right.
Blair pouted gaining back our attention. "You may think me evil, finding many of those humans appetizing, but make know mistake...You desire them just as much as me."
"I don't want to hurt--"
"Incorrect." Blair held her composure crossing one leg over the other. Her hand that held the gun rested on top her knee. "I don't seek pleasure in harming them. I don't torture or cause them any pain. Most humans I've killed never felt a thing. They quite enjoyed their deaths. Accept when deserving." Blair looked out the window again. "Not to mention human blood is the purest blood to drink. Right from the vein and our strength, speed, all things that makes us vampires enhances." Blair slid forward several inches from my face, the cabin pointed at me. "What you did as a rogue, was far more brutal than I could ever commit."
"You may try and justify your actions but you have brought misery to all you've touched before and after their deaths." Elena shook her head, "you cause me sadness every time I know you've killed because those deaths are on my hands too."
Blair ignored Elena, conversating only to me. "What she means is she had the opportunity once to kill me and she did not...obviously." Blair's attitude toward Elena was evident.
How could a mother hate her own daughter so much? I could never hate my girls. Thinking of Kaylee and Laurie now, my heart pumped faster concerned for their safety and how they were handling this mentally.
"Oh, there we go." Blair pointed out rolling the window down. "Stop the limo."
Whoever was driving parked, Blair stepping outside. The cold air welcomed us as it blew through my tangled hair.
We were near an alleyway. A man was smacking a woman around. By the way she was dressed that gave us a big guess to what situation they were in.
"Step out." Blair kept her eyes on our new targets.
I gritted my teeth fighting back the pull I was already feeling. Thinking of the blood was all my mind could be entranced to.
I shifted out of the car keeping my skin in contact with the car. I was afraid once I left the proximity of the car I would drift into the closeness of one of these humans veins.
My fingers pressed hard onto the limo, claws protruding out and into the metal. Grimacing, my body overheated only wanting one thing.
Elena stepped out. "Mckayla."
I looked her way.
Through her eyes I could see that she knew I was about to snap. "As your sire I do not want you to drink from any human."
She promised never to use our bond to control me unless in emergency situations. Her using it now told me she knew I was on the path to killing these humans.
I did not blink or make any sudden reaction to her command.
Blair's sneer was heard but my eyes were only focused on us. "I knew you would try that."
I felt the swiftness of Blair's speed as she moved in beside the two humans.
A half dozen vampires under Blair's control stood on both sides of us, guns and swords pointed our way.
I heard a scream before the fresh scent of blood hit the air.
My eyes swerved toward the two humans under Blair's deadbolt grip. Blair's fangs were embedded into the neck of the woman. By the look of it, the woman was already in the path of death.
Her screams stop, Blair holding her up with one hand. Our strengths as vampires and werewolves were impeccable.
There was a man riding a bike coming in our direction and my eyes shoveled hoping he would turn around.
Seemed he was unaware of what was happening thirty feet in front of him.
Another vampire moved inhuman, snatching the man off his bike as he dug his fangs into the man. A second female vampire rushed over joining him.
What was happening?
"What are you doing? You will expose us." Elena sneered toward her mother. Mason stepped to the side of Elena pointing a gun at her temple.
With agility undefined she maneuver to Mason's back biting her fangs into his neck.
He screeched like the bitch he was and a few vampires came toward her.
"Stop," Blair hissed. She took everything like a game of opportunities.
I knew Elena couldn't kill Mason that way. He was a werewolf and the werewolf gene could regenerate blood very fast.
Elena heaved her fangs out of him than snapped his neck.
Mason dropped to the floor like dead weight.
He would not die from that neither. In a few hours his bone would reform back in place and he'd be up ranting.
Like a vampire, either the heart or head had to be gone or destroyed.
She stepped back holding her hands out.
"If it is so easy for you to leave why haven't you?"
Blair's question made me face Elena. Without asking myself, I knew why she stayed. She did not want to leave me alone. She knew that the best way for me to win was to stay inside Blair's circle. I could easily fight my way out as well. On top of that, I couldn't be everywhere at once. I did not want to risk my packs safety.
Elena looked at me and I knew my thoughts on why were correct.
Blood tinged the air and the smile on my face dissolved. Blood slid down the woman's neck as Blair dropped her.
The man shouted, jamming a knife into the side of Blair's abdomen. That only pissed Blair off as she pulled the knife out with her free hand and pierced it through the man's own abdomen.
He grunted in pain, hunching over. Confusion and anger seized into his eyes. Even now there was no fear of death. I supposed, by the way he lived his life he expected to die one day. The confusion he wore was more so the surprise of it being dominated by a woman. Also the knife he stabbed her with causing her no effect.
I did not notice me drifting toward him, my eyes locked on the blood dripping from his wound. His blood would go to waste, dying for nothing.
Far in the back of my mind I heard Elena's voice. My eyes burned, gazing at him with my hybrid eyes, stomach twisting in knots. All I wanted was a taste. He didn't deserve life anyway. If he thought it was a profession to sale women it was my job to take him off the market. I was saving the women who were tangled in his web.
I snarled, my canine fangs extending out like razors. I wanted to do more than drink trombone I wanted to tear him a part. Rip flesh from his bones. Taste the seed of his entire being in my mouth as I devoured his heart. I could hear it playing like audible music. Heart pounding fast and arrhythmic.
"As your sire, stop now."
Elena's words held no power over me. My hybrid too strong and lost in the pull. There was no more struggle.
I panted, each breathing clouding the air. It was cold out. Blair held the man and when my eyes looked up at her, I challenged her. She was holding what was mine.
Blair stepped away, bowing.
Elena rushed to my side, pulling my face toward her.
I snarled, my body vibrating from my own power as I shoved her with both hands out several feet into a nearby pole.
The pole snapped over her as she tried standing and moving my way. "Mckayla..." I snarled turning to her. She looked passed me to her mother. "What did you give her to help with her injuries from the ghouls? You used a remedy."
"I have a witch on speed dial. She helped block your ability to control her. It works for a few days. By then, she'll be far too gone for you to use your siring bond."
Words became disoriented and all I saw was this man bleeding. I went in fast, my fangs piercing into his neck as I swallowed thick gulps of his blood.
I moaned the taste so ravishing I could curl up to sleep after. I held him tight, making sure no one else tried to snatching him away from me.
Elena's voice sounded too distant.
The man's heart beat slowed by the second into there was no longer a sound heard.
I killed him and the remorse that I thought would appear was not felt. I held him up like a puppet in my hand. Distancing myself from him, I stared tilting my head to one side.
He was definitely dead and unreachable to life.
I let go of the man like dropping a useless object, his body smacking the floor harshly.
I licked my lips tasting every corner his blood touched on my mouth.
"Mckayla, please respond."
That name seemed distantly familiar.
"How was he, Kayla?"
I looked up at the woman; the vampire who held me captive. I grinned. "Don't patronize me." I straightened.
Blair nodded. "I knowno better than to do that."
I took the remaining steps to Blair a few vampires moving in my direction. I snarled. "Try it."
"Who keeps call me by that name?"
I turned agitated. I looked up facing the woman calling me by a name I felt no tie to. It was like I'd slept and now back awoken. As Mckayla; tied to a pack I lost the drive to do what kept me alive all these years. I enjoyed my rogue years and missed it. I should have fought harder in staying in control. Killing was a natural habit all of our unique kind should practice.
"I prefer Kayla."
Elena walked up to me suspicious. "First time meeting you, Mckayla was the name you introduced yourself as."
I smiled with a cocky grin. "I was naive to think I could be the way I have been for the last six years. I fell weak ad others saw it." I stepped in closer. "I see it. much as I like the new version of me, if I could reverse time I would have killed you for touching me."
Blair laughed cheering on and I snarled facing her. "I should kill you too."
"But you won't." Blair walked up to me with a cocky grin of her own, matching mines. "You loved the way I made you feel. Want to rekindle that fire?"
Her hands ran across my abdomen.
I grabbed it, shoving her away. "I'll consider."
"Please do."
Whatever part of me that let get persuaded by so many, I shoved deep inside me for no one to find again. I couldn't be weak again.
I could out best this voice in my head that told me to accept the love from others.
I could still blood soaked within the veins of the woman Blair killed and the voice in my head silenced.
"I'm still hungry." And with a quick motion my body shifted wolf running off with Blair following close behind.

(Here is where Mckayla transition back into the mindset of the viscous rogue that you've only heard about through other characters. Don't work. Mckayla well come back. Letting you all know that now. It will take a certain kind of love to bring her back!)

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