Chapter #1

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Hooves heavily met ground as Dipper Pines ran for his..well, life...probably.
He was out prancing around in the fields and clearings of the forest when it happened. He was, um, ahem.. nibbling on a couple blades of grass (not that he'd admit that, though) when suddenly a gun shot rang throughout the surrounding trees. Like any other deer, Dipper freaked out immediately, jumping and speeding off in the opposite direction.
What can he say, instincts can really change you over time. Anywho, so.. yeah, running for his life. Mabel warned him of the out-of-town hunters before he left the Shack, and he just brushed it off like it was no big deal.
"Well, BIG DEAL!!" Dipper screeched in his mind as a bullet whizzed by his shoulder. Gee, that was close..
The cervitaur continued, changing direction once he came to a break in the trees. But, only for a moment though before the trees and roots and branches over took the space again. Another shot rang out, and Dipper let out a startled and pained and so totally manly scream as he stumbled. A burning fire was quickly spreading through his whole right back leg as he crumpled to the ground.
Dipper would've noticed the slow footsteps coming nearer and nearer if he wasn't so distracted by the sudden agony coursing through his leg at the moment. He didn't notice at first, but then his sensitive ears picked up the crunching of shoes in the grass sounding dangerously too close for comfort.
The hunter crouched down next to the cervitaur, and Dipper could only suspect the worst..

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