Chapter 4

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Katherine's POV
Shit. That was the only word running through my head as Stefan, Damon, and I chased Elena through the nearby woods.

I couldn't believe I had fucking lost her. She had gotten in my head and I had been distracted, and now she was missing.

Shit. This was my fault in the first place. She had turned off her humanity because of me, because I had hurt her so much. I was the reason all of this was happening.

As all these thoughts were whirling around my head, my eyes were suddenly filling with tears, making the trees and sky around me blur together into one extravagant work of abstract art.

I stopped quickly, grabbing onto a tree for support.

'Don't cry, Katherine.' I told myself. 'You don't cry.'

The bark of the tree was somewhat comforting, and with my hands gripping it tightly, I felt my eyes dry and the world return to normal.

"Feeling okay, babe?"

I heard behind me, and the feeling that I was alright was gone. My chest had tightened up again at that oh so familiar voice.

"Elena. Please don't run away again." I said to her, not yet turning around. I was afraid that if I did, she would be gone in the blink of an eye.

Turns out I didn't have to turn in the first place. She sped in front of me so I was facing her, and she was much closer than anticipated.

"You know, you're no fun anymore." Elena said. She was so close to me I could feel her breath on my face.

"All these silly emotions, mixing around in your head. They're making you weak, Katherine."

She placed a hand on my cheek, but it wasn't warm like it had been before. It was cold, cold as ice.

"You should turn it all off. Have no stupid emotions in the way. Think of all the fun we could have. Together. Just you and me."

Elena leaned in as if to kiss me, but I moved away quickly.

"You're fucking crazy, Elena." I said, shaking my head.

"I'm here to turn your emotions back on, not turn mine off."

She shrugged.

"If I have my way, your humanity will be off by the end of the week."

Angry, I rushed to Elena and grabbed her, holding her tightly by the wrists.

I screamed for Damon and Stefan, hoping that they would hear from wherever they were. I didn't know what to do with myself right now, and I needed time before I could talk to Elena again. She was messing with me, and I couldn't take one more second of it.

They arrived quickly, Damon first and then Stefan, but took the entire scene: me holding Elena tightly and her struggling against my grip, entirely wrong.

Damon had grabbed me in an instant.

"What the hell are you doing?" I said to him, wrenching out of his grasp.

"Sorry, I thought Elena had been screaming." he said breathlessly.

I considered telling him he was an idiot and we had the same voice, but decided against it because I was focusing on something else.

I had seen the look in Elena's eyes when Damon had grabbed me.

It was quick, but it was a flash of something: recognition, hurt, I wasn't sure, but I knew now how to turn Elena's humanity back on.

Stefan was now holding tightly onto Elena, so I turned to Damon.

"Break my neck." I said to him.

"What?" he looked clueless, and looked over my shoulder to Stefan, who I'm sure was just as puzzled.

"Haven't you always wanted to do it? Go ahead. Break it."

He still looked confused as anything, but he sighed, turning towards me.

"Fine, whatever you say, Katherine."

He placed his hands around my neck and turned.

Elena's POV
There was a sickening crack, and then I felt like a huge brick had just fell on my stomach.

I took a huge gasp of air, like the one I had taken when I had become a vampire, and all of a sudden there were tears in my eyes.

Was it back? My humanity? Had it been turned back on?

The entire time that it had been off, there had been this little voice inside of me, begging me to turn it back on, especially when Katherine had showed up.

But I clearly hadn't listened to it, until now.

And now I knew why.

Katherine was lying on the floor, unmoving and not breathing.

"What was that about?" Damon was asking Stefan, who I had just now realized was holding me with a death grip.

"You can let me go now, Stefan." I said to him, barely breathing with his hands pressing against my stomach.

"Not letting you go until your humanity is turned back on, Elena." he said, holding me tighter.

"Stefan, it's back on!" I choked out.

Damon was staring at me through this whole exchange, and now he was holding his up, stopping Stefan.

"No, she's telling the truth. Her eyes. Look at her eyes."

Stefan turned me around, staring into my eyes, which I supposed had changed without humanity.

"Elena." he said.

"That's me." I replied timidly, giving him a small smile.

He wrapped me in a warm hug, holding me close to him. I let myself hug back, glad I was finally able to feel things like love now.

Not that Stefan was the one I loved.

He stood up, still holding me in his arms.

"What turned it back on?" he asked curiously when he let me go.

I shrugged, but my eyes wandered to Katherine's lifeless body.

Katherine being hurt had turned it back on, I knew that for a fact.

"Let's go home." Damon added, smiling at me kindly.

"We're just going to leave her here?" I said, gesturing at Katherine's body.

Damon shrugged.

"We have no use for the evil slut vampire anymore. She'll find her way home."

My hands curled into fists at the cruel statement, but then I remembered I was supposed to hate Katherine, not be in love with her.

So I laughed slightly, nodded, and followed Damon and Stefan home.

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