Chapter 13

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I feel something poking my shoulder. I crack open an eye and see Shannon looking at me. "Are you awake?" She whispers. I open the other eye and look over at her, "I am. Good Morning!" She gives me a bright smile, "What's for breakfast?"

"What do you want?"

"Can you make pancakes?"

"I sure can. Let's get up and I'll start on them." I tell her. "Yay!" She whispers. I move my arm to get up and I can't move. It hurts so badly! I turn my head back to Shannon, "Honey, go get your mother for me." I request. "Okay." She jumps out of the bed and I groan. Agent Yard was right about me being sore all over.

Melanie comes into the room, "What's up?"

"I can't move. I guess the struggling with Peter yesterday really made me sore." I respond. "I think there's some cream in the bathroom, can you rub it on me?"

"I can do that for you. Let me go and get it." She walks out of the room. Shannon takes her place looking down at me with concern, "Will you be okay?" I nod, "I will. I just worked too hard yesterday and my body is sore. We'll get some pancakes in a little while, okay?" She gives me a nod back. Melanie walks back into the room, "Shannon, have you been to the bathroom yet?"

She shakes her head. "Then you need to go to the bathroom and then go wake up your daddy."

"Okay mommy." She steps out of the room towards the bathroom. "I'm going to pull the covers back and we'll try to get some skin showing so we can put this on you." She pulls the covers back and considers me in my long sleeve t-shirt. "Do you have on anything under that t-shirt like a bra or something?"

"I have a camisole on under this." I inform her. She nods and leans down, pulling my t-shirt up as high as she can, "I'm going to pull your arms out of the sleeves. It's going to hurt, but once we get them out, then we can start getting you moving. I'm glad you called us last night, I don't know what you would have done today."

"I'm glad also." I say to her. "I don't know what I would have done if you weren't here." I brace myself as she lifts my arm and bends it to move the sleeve over and off of it. I wince in pain, as she does the other arm also. She pulls the shirt over my head and the rest of the way off. She takes some of the cream out of the container and looks at my arm to put some on it. "Oh sweetie, you have bruises on your wrists and arms! Did he grab you that hard?" I nod my head. "I can't massage you so hopefully the cream will penetrate enough for me to help you move.

I lay in the bed wincing as she applied the cream to my arms and shoulders. She was able to massage my shoulders and neck since there are no bruises in those areas. She lifts up my camisole and massages some cream into my waist and back. She grabs my arms and lifts my top half up so I'm in a sitting position. I grimace at the pain.

She bends my arms open and close and turn my shoulders until the stiffness becomes bearable. She then pulls down my pants and starts working on my legs. They are less bruised so she's able to rub the cream in and I feel it start to work. Then she rubs it into my ankles and feet. When she finishes, even though I'm still really sore, it's more bearable and I can move.

"Thank you so much! I'm so glad that you're here." I tell her. "I promised Shannon some pancakes before all of this happened. Let's go make some so she won't feel like she was left hanging."

"Are you sure you can handle it?" She asks. "The more I move around, the better I'll be." I answer. She tilts her head and watches me as I go to my dresser and pull out a pair of shorts and helps me put them on, then she lets me lead the way out of the room. I go and take care of business in the bathroom, then head to the kitchen. I pull out all of the ingredients for pancakes, when there's a knock on the door. I slowly make my way there and look out of the peephole and see Agent Holmes.

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