Memories in a Box? Part 56

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9th September 2018 All Rights Reserved


Jenny POV...

I wonder what kind of history will be found in those boxes? We already found one. Bobby Joifield. Finding out that Xanny had called home to Ma and spoke to her about him really made me want to spit the dummy. I knew it was going to cause some kind of upheaval.

But it had to come out eventually. I just was not expecting it to have come out via one of my own children in a call home without really thinking about what will and could happen. I was so disappointed when Xanny came to us in tears and told us after her grandmother hung up on her.

But after a bit of coddling, Xanny settled down and promised not to make any more rash things like that call. She'll speak to us first about it. Of course I had to make a quick call home after Xanny settled down and speak to Ma. She didn't realise that Xanny would have thought that she would have been angry when she hung up on her, but her mind had shut down when she mentioned her own biodad's name.

A call to the kids on Ma and Pa's part and the kids were all smiles again. Ecept for Micah still showing signs of something really bothering him. Even finding a few things out about his great-grandparents and their past didn't distract him from whatever it was.

I would imagine that there was so much that happened in that history with Nan that there must have been a serious reason for them not to mention it to us. Unless of course Ma knew about it and just didn't say anything about it to anyone. I'll have to call home and speak to her about what we found.

Finding that tin box with the photographs and news clipping in it was an eye opener and what was more mind blowing than that was  the newspaper report that my bio mum read out when we first read about it. I got confused with both Mum and with Mum, so bioMum is my birth mother and Vi is my Mum. Now I'm not confused.

Currently, I am sitting here on a chair out in the garden before dinner looking through them all again. The kids were all doing their own thing, whatever that was. 

All the things we have found so far were very interesting. Looking at the faces of the young couples who were in them and reading the letters that also was connected to them was really fascinating. The only thing I refused to open and look at despite what secrets it held was the cloth covered book in my hands at the moment. Nan's diary. The moment I realised what it was, I wrapped it back up and left it alone.

I was focusing on the news reports that were hidden next to it. It explained a lot of the things where Daniel's grandparents were concerned. But it also left us with a lot more questions that only they could answer. Especially with Mum knowing most of it since she too was involved.

A murder case that had never been solved and was still active. They always were when babies were involved. Reading the words recorded here, it was like hearing them spoken. They were so gut wrenching and as a mother, I know how this devastated this mother would have felt with all that happening at the time.

Knowing now that it is Nan's story with Grandpop  involved, made it seem surreal. But it was all true. This is one old and tatty box that I was carefully putting everything back into was one that will be personally hand delivered to Nan. Not to Ma, even though she is involved in part. Putting down the covered diary safely into the box again, I picked up the photo's again to have another look at the young and carefree faces.

The older locket I found earlier that was right at the bottom of the box I tried to open looked very special too. But the clasp wouldn't give, so I left it alone putting it back into the box. There were a few other little nicnacs in the box that probably have meaning to only Nan which I left alone. I couldn't understand why anyone would keep a ribbon like that though. It was absolutely butt ugly. I would hide it too if it was mne. Then I glanced again at that one photo again which I can't seem to take my eyes off.

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