Pt.1. You Partner Up With A Cute Guy

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This is the first time I've actually done a story like this, but I've always wanted to do one along these lines. After reading countless stories on Wattpad and by one of my favorite artists, KanyeInterruptedMe aka Kimber Lee, I decided to grow some balls and finally go through with this. What's the point in being an artist if you don't take any risks. I don't only wanna travel on the safe side, I wanna walk on the edge, the dangerous side. So here's my first chapter. Tell me what you think. Seriously, TELL ME!


Pt. 1 You Partner Up With A Cute Guy

"So today we'll be working in partners. I want everyone to pick a partner." When nobody made a move she said, "Come on. Get up. We don't have all day." With that the whole class started going crazy, trying to pick either a best friend or a cute guy as their other person. Me, I stayed in my seat. I never picked a partner, usually working alone was my thing. I got better grades that way since I didn't have to rely on someone else for my grade. But, it seems like the Universe wasn't having it seeing as some guy I'd never noticed before settled in the seat besides me.

   I gave him the quick once-over. He was extremely handsome, hot even. And if it was anything to go by, by the way his long sleeved shirt was tight around his biceps and chest, I'd say he was well defined underneath those clothes. His face was a whole 'nother story. He had inky black hair that was wild and shaggy and fell into his eyes. Eyes? His were a dazzling golden color that were being loved by his long lashes. And his lips? Full and plump and totally kissable, and he had a lip piercing. It didn't help that he had that cute dimple in his chin. Oh gawd, I don't think someone as sexy as him was even legal to be in my proximity. It was too much gorgeousness going on.

He looked at me and I almost fainted, almost. But, when he opened his mouth I think I definitely blacked out cause he had to repeat his question two more times.

"What?" I asked him, too lost in his bedroom voice. Deep, sexy, husky, and oh so masculine. I think I just about drenched my panties.

He smiled at me, flashing his perfect pearly whites at me. "I said, I noticed that you usually work alone, but do you mind partnering with me for this project?" I couldn't speak so I just shook my head. Oh, yeah, definitely drenched my panties. How did I not notice someone this exquisite when he clearly noticed me?

The rest of the period passed with me ogling him and him actually paying attention to our teacher. He was taking notes and I was struck at how nice his penmanship was. I took notice at how he wrote everything in cursive.

By the time my A.P English class was over, I swear I had no idea what the heck it was about. So, naturally I had to go hunt down sexy man. I didn't even know his name, damn it. But, it was surprisingly easy to find him. It was like I had some kind of sixth sense when it came to sexy guys, I could probably sniff them out if I tried.

I found him in the courtyard, reading a book. I sauntered over to him, not that he even noticed me, and pulled the book from his hands. Taking a seat next to him, I crossed my right leg over my left, seeing as I was wearing a short dress it rode up over my thighs, never taking my eyes off of him. He raised a brow at me, not noticing just how intoxicating that made him look.

"Can I ask why you interrupted me?" He glanced at my hand that held his book. I took notice of how he hadn't even spared my legs a look. I wasn't that conceited but I knew I was a catch. I took pride in staying fit, never missing a chance to workout.

"Turns out I didn't hear a thing Mrs. Sanders said in class. I was wondering since, you know, we're partners you could help me out." I gave him a smile that usually had guys doing my bidding but him, he didn't look at all affected by my charm.

"We have to read a book", he gave the book in my hand a pointed look, "and write an essay on it, but also comparing that book to how the situation might have been different if it took place in the 21st Century. We have Romeo and Juliet. So, if you don't mind...." He held out a hand towards me. I succumbed, giving him the book. "We can set up a date to work on this later. Until then, see ya later, Alyssa." I shuddered at how my name sounded rolling off his tongue. Damn, I was totally hot for this guy. A guy that I had only met an hour earlier. I was so fucked up.


My eyes were trained on what Melanie, my best friend, was doing. She came over as soon as I called her to fill her in on my day. Melanie is a tall gorgeous brunette. At 5"10 she still loved wearing five inch heels. Along with her height she was also really curvy, and those curves had every guy she ever stumbled across at her beck and call. Her flawless skin was a beautiful caramel, being of African American and Dominican heritage. Her father was African American while her mother was Dominican, and she clearly inherited her looks as well as her hair from her mother's side but the curves..... eh, from both sides. Definitely.

She was a freshman in College, but that didn't mean she couldn't hang out with a highschool student. Melanie was a year older than me at nineteen, but I befriended her in Middle School. She was always a grade ahead of me but that never stopped her from being ever so loyal. She was a really great friend, through and through.

"So, let me get this straight," she was putting nutella on her green apples, "you want to fuck this guy?" She asked, a brow raised and a smirk playing on her lips.

I scoffed, "Give me some credit, Mel. I have much more class than that."

She laughed, "This coming from the girl who gave a guy a blowjob on their first date. I love you, hon, but your track record speaks for you." She went back to spreading more nutella on more green apples. I reached out and snagged a chocolate covered apple slice. She tried swatting my hand but, I was too quick. I only made her move her plate away from me.

"Don't blame me. I'm very straight-forward. If I see something I want, I go after it. Simple."

"Lyssa, from what you've told me, this guy obviously didn't fall for your charm. He's not gonna be one of your quick lays."

"Hey!" I yelled out, throwing a pillow at her, which she swatted away with her hand. "Don't say that as if I've slept with that many guys. I've only slept with four."

She rolled her eyes, "Yeah, but you've sucked more dicks than I can count on both my hands." I hissed at her to be quiet, my mom was off today and she made it a habit to pass by my room a lot whenever she had an off day. "So what? You know your mom is chill as fuck. If she hears us talking about sex, she'd come in here and join the conversation."

"Which is exactly why I want you to stop being so damn loud. I do not wanna hear my mother talking about her latest escapade." My mother was very young to have an eighteen year old daughter, well eighteen in two weeks. My mother got pregnant with me at sixteen but I was born on her birthday. So when I turn eighteen she'll be turning thirty-five, like I said, she's young. Her parents were kind of hippies so they believed everyone was free to make their own choices, they were disappointed for sure, but they stayed by her side. My dad, he was cool, still is actually. He was a total bad boy back in the day and was just as chill as my mom. No wonder I've got issues.

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