New family

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Mia's pov
"Alright Princess. While Liam and the Others decide who and what is happening. Do you Want Me to Help You Pack?" Niall asked.
I just Nodded. Still trying to process Everything. That Just happened in the last ten minutes.
It was a lot.. Well for me at least. Getting adopted By not one.. But five people?. It was Wonderful.... But overwhelming.

He Pretty much stayed behind me the whole way upstairs.
I guess I must have scared them. When I told them about my fall.
Once We got up there, Niall opened the door for me to go in. All the other girls must have been down stairs. Since the room was empty. Which was Fine with me.

"Okay.Princess. Where Do you keep your things?" He asked looking around the dull room.

"Over there. In that box" I pointed to small cardboard box across the room.
All I had. Was A small Hair brush. My toothbrush. One extra outfit.... Teddy. That was all. But it was okay... I Mean what else would I need?. Some of the other Girls had more stuff. Because they were special. I However. Was not...

"This All you Have?" He asked looking in the box.
I just nodded in response. I Was never Given anything else. But that's okay.

"We're definitely Going shopping " he mumbled Probably Talking to himself.

"Oh And. Watch out for Broken glass" I warned.

"Broken Glass?. Why would There Be broken glass up here?" He questioned

"Because. Someone broke a Window. Now there's glass everywhere. Because it was never really fixed "
He Looked Down at the floor. Probably to see if there was a lot.

"Wait... If there's Broken Glass everywhere. Why are you Barefoot?" He asked concerned.

"I Don't have shoes. So When I walk. I'm just extremely careful " he Looked puzzled for a moment.
Just then The door opened again. This time it was Louis.

"Hey Mate. They Got the papers signed. So we're Ready " He said happily

"Oh. Okay. Here take this" Niall said handing him my box of stuff

"Is This. All you have. Love ?" Louis asked Me. Love?

"Yeah. It's all I really need"

He gave Niall A weird glance

"Alright. Then Let's go" louis said.

Niall watched the floor. When we walked out. Probably to make sure he or I didn't step on anything.

And The whole way Down the stairs. They like Watched me?. Are they that concerned?

When we did get The down stairs.
It was just harry and Zayn sitting in the little waiting area.
Harry motioned for me to go sit with him. Which I did.
He pulled me onto his lap.

"Alright mia. Liam is in there sighing the papers. He's Gonna be your father. Since he's the only.. Eh responsible one" harry explained.

"So. Liam's my Father?"

"Yup. And we're like your. Uncles?" Louis added

"O-Kay.." After that. We just kinda sat in silence.

I though about it for a moment. Zaynie hasn't said a word. Other then what he said upstairs.
I wonder why?.

"We have all the papers signed. And we're ready to Go" Liam said coming out of the office.
"How was it in there?"Niall asked

"Not fun. That caretaker is.." He looked at me

"Is definitely something?" Niall finished for him

"Yeah..definitely something " he mumbled
"You ready love? " Louis asked Me

"Yeah. And love isn't my name" he looked puzzled for a moment.

"I know that?"

"Then. Why do you keep calling me love?" I questioned

"Well.. Uh. I'm not really sure. It's Kinda like... A weird... British thing?" he answered

"Alright. Let's go" Liam said pushing louis along. Since he had stopped walking.

When We all started walking. It Got hard though. All of them were Much taller then me. So all I could see. We're knees. And they had to keep stopping. To make sure they didn't step on me.

"Alright princess . This isn't working " Niall said and picked me up. I hope they actually remember my real name. Since so far. I've been called Love and princess. At least Liam calls me Mia.
"You weigh. Like nothing " he stated. I just shrugged. Not Much I can really do about that.

They all walked outside. It was weird. I haven't been out of this place... In like a lot no time.

"Okay lads. The s.u.v is here" liam said. And they started to get in.

Liam was driving. Harry was in the passenger seat. And in the back was Louis niall and Zayn.
I was sitting with Niall.


"Yeah princess?"

"Why doesn't Zaynie talk?" I asked randomly. What? I need answers.

"He talks. Right Zayn?"

"....Huh? What? What don't I do?" He asked

"Talk. This whole time. You haven't said anything " I said

"Oh.. Uh... Well. I guess I Don't have much to say?"

"You don't talk much either " he stated

"That's because. I Don't have much to say"

"That's what I said"

"No. You said you guessed you didn't have much to say. I Know I don't have much to say"

I heard. Harry and Niall. Ohh

"Did you....Did you just sass him? Are you trying to take me job. As the sass master?"Louis asked

"Oh. But I already have." I sassed back

"Oh you Did not just say that" he said and snapped his fingers in a z-formation.

"Oh. But I did"
he looked offended. But I could tell he was kidding.

"Well. Lou. I think you just got out sassed. By my daughter " liam said from the drivers seat. I blushed when he called me...his daughter.

"Oh No. This will go on' he said determined.

"Give it up lou. She has sassed you" harry said

"Alright fine you win... For now." He said


After that. It got quite. It was nice. I liked it.
But it didn't last. They said something's. Like there a band. And stuff like tour.

"Are you alright with that?" Liam asked me seriously

After that.. It got quite again. I started to feel. Drowsy.

"Go to sleep princess. It's long car trip" Niall whispered
And I did.....
I know boring chapter. Sorry
But I'm working on new stuff like a new book

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