Chapter Twenty-Two

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Why do you think books are important and what have they done for you?

A/N Sorry in advance for the chapter being short and/or sucky.


Percy sat in his wheelchair, parked at the entrance of the arena. He stared longingly at the class Jason was teaching. That used to be him. And it will be again, he thought, soon.

He watched as Jason called one of the new Apollo campers up. He easily disarmed the poor kid. Percy shook his head and smiled.

Suddenly, a gasp sounded to his right. "That's Percy Jackson," he heard a girl whisper. Well that's my cue to leave, he shook his head as he began to roll himself out of the arena.

Just as he had turned himself around, he heard Jason call his name. He could practically feel all the eyes on him.

He slowly turned around, blushing. Jason smiled sheepishly. "Do you want to help?" He asked.
"Me? Nah I wouldn't be able to do much."
"Your the best swordsman here and the best teacher. Even in a wheelchair your good."
"You sure?"
"Of course."

Percy reluctantly pushed himself forward. When he reached Jason he stopped. "What do you want me to do?"
"How about you show them your famous disarming technique?"

A chorus of "Oooooooos" and "Aaaahhhhs" rang through the arena. Percy smiled lightly, looking up at Jason. "I suppose it wouldn't do any harm. Will you be my opponent?"

Jason took a defensive position. Percy put the brakes on his wheelchair, not wanting to roll away in the middle of the fight. He drew Riptide and held it in front of him.

The two demigods nodded at each other and Percy was vaguely aware of the other campers staring at them expectantly.

Jason lunged. Percy easily blocked the strike. The blonde retreated slightly. He slashed at Percy again and once again Percy blocked his strike. On Jason's third attempt, Percy caught his sword with Riptide and twisted it, effectively disarming him.

Jason smiled slightly as he retrieved his sword. "See? Even in a wheelchair you can still beat me."

Percy laughed. He knew how hard it was for Jason to admit that. What with the whole Roman pride and everything. And the fact that Zeus (A/N Yes I know it's Jupiter but whatever.) and Poseidon were constantly arguing. It rubs off.

"Thanks man," Percy said quietly.
"What are friends for?"
"Yeah well next time you get yourself put in a coma and stuck in a wheelchair, I'll be there for you bro," Percy joked. Jason laughed and shook his head before turning back to the class.

Percy undid the brakes and rolled out. He felt the kids' eyes following him out. He smiled to himself.

He roamed camp for awhile. Soon he ran into Leo. "Hey man!" He said, "Good to see you out and around. The hospital bed really didn't suit you."
"I completely agree," Percy grinned. He didn't think he'd smiled so much in awhile. Except when Annabeth was with him of course.
"Well, I got to go to Bunker Nine and then to Piper or else I'm dead. Don't ask. It's a long story."
"Sure thing. See you around."

Percy then proceeded to the canoe lake. He pulled to a stop on the dock and stared out into the rippling water as the sun shimmered off the surface.

He soon heard footsteps behind him. He turned his head to find Annabeth smiling at him. "I thought I'd find you here," she said.

He smiled back at her. She came to his side and put her feet in the water. "How are you doing?" She asked him for the second time that week.
"Actually... I'm doing pretty good."

A/N As I said, not my best, but I thought Percy deserved something good to happen to him. Thanks for reading anyway though.

Disclaimer: All rights go to Rick Riordan. The man I can't decide if I should write fan or hate mail to.

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