A picture is worth a thousand words

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I watched and observed the target, stalking my prey, as a tiger would. Ready to pounce at any given moment, but being in that stance behind the bushes is almost back breaking at best. My sister Jessica, told me before she was taken to the institute. “Catch him, Bliss; reveal his secret to the world.” I don’t know the exact secret, but she also said, “All is not what it seems, he hides, behind his cover” Which I think Kellen (CEO of opal and Westcott bank of England), has a skeleton in the closet. I am thinking, he is either gay, illegitimate child, a cross dresser, or even a secret child. Whatever the secret is, I Bliss Armstrong will get the scoop of the century, and Kellen’s reputation will be in shreds. That’s what Kellen gets for messing with my sister.

Yet to this moment, there has been no activity at all in his high tech mansion. No one goes in, no one goes out. But it is lit up like a Christmas tree. For the last three weeks Kellen has laid low. Now just if I could get inside, some undercover disguise, a cleaner, that's a bit too much time in the toliet for me... A Gardner, that's too much outside work. A maid? I don't know, but first i need to see if there's a vacancy. 

Mission plan A: Storm the castle, battle down the walls, reveal the secrets, divide and conquer.

Just an average day in cape valley,

Well when you’re Bliss Armstrong, you learn to expect, the unexpected!

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