Chapter 37

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The video clicks off and the screen goes black for a moment before a rather flustered news anchor appears, going onto the next set of news.

I stare at the screen- a wide, stupid grin on my face. Uncovering my mouth, I try to breathe normally. Apart of me wants to scream, dance- laugh while the other wants to cry and cry hard.

"Oh my god... Genevieve."

I giggle- actually giggle, hearing Trisha's awed tone. "I know."

"He just professed his love to you on national television."

"I know."

"Like to millions- billions of people. They're going to see that."

My smile grows wider. "I know!"

"I'm speechless."

"Me too... He- he said marry."

"I know! Shit, you're lucky!"

Biting my bottom lip to try and conceal my glee, I shake my head in awe and press my hand to my chest- afraid my beating organ will implode with happiness.

"And you didn't tell me you had done all that for him!"

"Yes, I did."

"No, you said you saw him and rode to the hospital together. You left out the part about offering your seat for him."

I stay silent, unsure what to say to that. I feel like if anyone saw someone with a wound like his, they would have done the same or at least tried to help him.

"The fact that you didn't say it though is why you're my best friend."

My lips turn up approvingly and as I open my mouth to answer her, my buzzer sounds. I gasp, looking over at the door in a sudden panic. 

"Shit! He's here!"

"So? Go jump him! He deserves it!"

I laugh, shaking my head. "I'm standing in my towel and my hair is still dripping down my back."


I roll my eyes happily and hang up, sprinting for the door. I press the button to let him in as I hastily unlock my bolt. I open the heavy wood wide and unable to wait, I bolt down the stairs, straight into his  muscular arms. I jump up and wrap my legs around his waist, surprising him. Looking very much like the businessman on the TV, Tristan chuckles loudly.

"Damn woman, you're gonna kill us."

I hum and run my hands through his hair. "... I'd die happy."

His smile turns incredibly shy within seconds and my Tristan is before me once again. "You saw?"

"Yes." I nuzzle my nose against his cheek, closing my eyes. "Yeah, I did."


I chuckle as he begins walking up the steps with me in his arms. "And I'm always going to want you so it sounds like you're going to be repaying me forever."

"I'm good with that," he utters, shutting my front door with a swift move of one of his hands. "You're wet."

"I was in the shower when Trisha called. She's likes you a lot right now."

His hands settle gently onto my hair that is now beginning frizzing up. I couldn't look worse and he's still staring at me intensely enough to send shivers down my spine. "I'm glad... It smells good in here."

I nod, grabbing onto his tie. My fingers loosen the top and already dazed, I plant my lips onto his neck, kissing the skin softly. He still hasn't set me down, thus showcasing his crazy strength. I hear a pleasant sound escape his lips as I manage to take the tie off, dropping it on the ground. "I made pasta... It might be burning actually."

"Let it burn, baby," he whispers, grasping my face passionately. I nod, lowering my lips onto his and I feel us begin moving again... This time in the direction of the bedroom.

I grab ahold of my towel, parting the sides and let the cotton fall onto the floor unashamedly. I giggle when he drops me onto the bed, already removing his jacket and shoes. I press my lips together and sit up to begin fumbling with his belt. In a chuckle of frustration, he manages his cuff links and gets his button up off.

We're desperate. It's clear as day.

He grabs ahold of the waistband of his briefs and pulls down, revealing his body to my hungry eyes. After he removes his socks, I smile devishly as he straightens, completely bare before me. My fingers, wanting to feel every inch of him, lightly travel over his thighs up higher and higher.

He twists a hand into my hair, pulling me up to meet his mouth and I gasp, only slightly surprised by his urgentness. He takes me down over my covers, settling above me. I close my eyes, taking in the woodsy scent of his cologne with fondness as he traces my face sweetly.

A moan falls from my lips as he enters me slowly, making sure to take his time. Removing one hand from my hair, he plants it firmly beside my head as he begins to work above me, driving into me with a rough passion. I clasp his body, unable to keep quiet. My feelings are getting the best of me.

My toes begin to curl into the bed sheets as his tongue teases the soft spot below my ear. My hands travel over his toned muscles and I can feel them working in overdrive to bring us both pleasure. I smile, cupping his face as he groans softly against my lips.

I close my eyes, releasing a breathless gasp. "I-I love you."

His thrusts slow at my soft confession and I feel his hand rest gentle on my face. I open my eyes once more and gaze into warm, ocean-hued ones. My cheeks heat up immediately and I gape unsurely.

It's the first time I've said it. I haven't had the courage to utter the words to anyone after all the failures in my past relationships. Those men didn't deserve to hear them- Tristan does. He absolutely does. What's even better is I truly mean it. I know for sure. I've known for a very long time and now I can finally tell him.

He lowers his head and presses his lips to mine with a gentle tenderness that makes my eyes moisten with relief. Relief that I've found a man that will choose me... Over everyone and everything. Curling his fingers into my hair once more, he begins to move again, slowly- lovingly.

"I love you too, Genevieve... So much."

I smile wide, feeling the familiar sense of chaos in my abdomen as my body begins to bubble with ecstasy. He nods, close as well. I run my fingers down the curve of his back, gasping. We both come apart tightly in each other's arms and trembling violently as we descend from the high, I feel true happiness radiating from both of us- a feeling we haven't experienced fully in what feels like a very long time.

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