My Love, Please Kill Me... [completed & revised]

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My Love, Please Kill Me...

Written by… D


Part 1


[Lunalea POV]

My life began when Lord Raphael found me. He woke me from a terrifying nightmare, where I was surrounded by dozens of burned carcasses. I remembered nothing but red and black before Lord Raphael stood before me. His silvery hair was shining bright in the moonlight, so was his armor. But the thing about him that shone most brightly was his smile.

“Are you alright, young lady?” he asked me, gently rendering his hand to me. His voice was beautiful and melodic, soothing and calming. Before I even realized it, my hand had already reached out to take his.

Lord Raphael took me to the castle. I quickly learned that he was an important person, noticing that almost everyone bowed before him, addressing him politely (sometimes over-politely). First of all Lord Raphael took me to the infimary, he made sure that my wounds were tended, that I got to clean myself, got some clean clothes and some food, then he brought me to a big room where I could rest.

When he knew that I had lost my memory and that I didn’t even remember my name, Lord Raphael gave me one: Lunalea. Because, he told me, it was the full moon when he found me. If not for the full moon, he wouldn’t have been able to notice that I was still alive amongst all those corpses.

It only took me one day to recover my physical injuries. The woman in the infirmary told me that I had the gift of healing and that I had some raw magic power within me. She also told me that she could train me to be a healer and teach me how to use my power. I accepted her offer.

[Mikael POV]

Our kingdom was at war with the demons. Hundreds of years ago they raised from the underworld and began to invade our world. So many people died. The demons attacked villages at first, turning them into their bases. Then they started attacking towns. My father, mother, brother and sister were slaughtered during one of their raids. A few remaining survivors including me fled to the castle. The castle was actually a massive stronghold, the one place the demons hadn’t dared to attack. In the castle, I was trained to be a warrior. I practiced day and night, I turned my hatred towards the demons into my energy, my power. I swore I would kill as many demons as I could and drive them back to whence they came, the underworld.

It was ten years ago. During that time, I couldn’t count anymore how many battles I had engaged, how many victories I had claimed. Before I knew it I had stood amongst the four great generals. And I had my own palace on the south side of the castle.

That day I had just come back from a battle, exhausted and pissed. I went straight to Raphael’s palace, still wearing full armor stained by blood everywhere; the blood of the demons and my fallen comrades. In my left hand I carried something I wanted to show Raphael: a demon’s head. He was a great warrior, but he was also the head of the research department and a chief healer. He would certainly be able to make use of my little souvenir.

When I arrived in front of the door leading to Raphael’s working chamber and was about to open it, the door suddenly flung open from the inside, revealing the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had a pair of dazzling dark blue eyes and cherry red lips. Her straight black hair was neatly tied on her back, accentuating her long neck. When she saw me she gasped in horror, shocked by my bloody appearance. Then she quickly bowed down saying “forgive me” and “excuse me” before she hurriedly walked passed me.