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Kayzha's P.O.V

5 years ago....

"Wait wait wait... So your saying we're moving?! Mommmm oh my god why are you doing this all my friends are here." I asked my mom I just didn't understand why her job would make her pick everything up and move.
"I'm not going nowhere I'm staying my tail right here in H-town" I'm older sister said trying not to cuss which I found funny.
"Kayla your not an adult and kayzha your not an adult so what I say goes.."
"Actuallyyyy I'm 11 about to be 12 so I'm a young adult soooo.." My mom laughed which made me smile. "No , Sha'Kayzha go pack and Kayla you go pack too we're leaving tomorrow morning."
Me and Kayla groaned dragging our feet up the stairs.

The next day..

We arrived in Atlanta at our new house at 12:00 p.m.
"Woahh...." I said looking at this house. It was huge maybe I could get use to this.

I ran upstairs and picked my room. It was black I loved it.

"Kayla and kayzha you guys have school tomorrow so make yourselves look good

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"Kayla and kayzha you guys have school tomorrow so make yourselves look good .. I want your beds made up every morning and I want the floor spotless. Do y'all understand ?" We nodded our heads and I went back to my room. I just couldn't get over how good it looked.

The next day at school..

I walked to my first class alone 6th grade is hard people judging you its a lot..

I felt a tape on my shoulder and I turned around to see the pretty girl she was kinda short for a 6th grader. "Hi I'm titiana.. You need help?" She smiled at me. "I'm kayzha and yeah"

End of Flashback

Hey I'm Sha'Kayzha I know that's a weird ass name but people call me Kayzha. I'm 16 I'll be 17 on July 10th I'm in 11th grade and I'm taken by my princess titiana. We've been together for 3 years now we met in 6th grade and we just hit it off. I have a older sister named Kayla whose in college she's 21. But yeah that's all so far.

"Kayzha mom said wake up we gotta go school shopping" Kayla said interrupting my sleep. I groaned loudly pulling the cover over my head. "What time is is Kayla ?" I said with my eyes still closed. I got no sleep titiana kept me up all night.
"It's 12:37 get the fuck up before stores get crowed" she walked out slamming my door to wake me up. I finally decided to get up. I hopped in the shower and did all my hygiene things shaving and washing my hair. I got out and dried my hair with a towel and wrapped another towel around my body.

I walked in my closet looking for the outfit of the day I finally decided on a outfit. I picked out a white polo shirt with khaki joggers and air forces. I slid on a white headband since my hair was wet and I didn't want wet drippin down my face.

There was a knock on my door and I was highly irritated already and damn I was being rushed like shit. "What?!" I walked to the door and there was my beautiful girlfriend. I smiled at the sight of her I loved this girl. I pulled her in my room for a hug and kissed her lips. She smiled and hugged me back not letting go.

"You going shopping with us baby girl ?" She nodded still holding onto me. I loved having her around. And I'm glad my family loved her too.

"KAYZHA LETS GOOOOOO" my sister yelled. I sighed getting my phone and grabbing Titiana's  hand walking down stairs. Everybody got in the car and Kayla looked super shaky so me being a good sister I asked her is she okay.

"You good Kay?" She looked at me in the back seat. "No not really mom I have to tell you something..." Everything got quiet me and titi put our phones down and my mom turned the radio down and let the windows up. Kayla turned slightly red looking down. "I'm listening ." Is all mom said to Kayla.

"Well I think I like ... Girls" I choked , titi covered her mouth , and mom stomped on the breaks almost killing us all . She pulled over at a gas station sighing.  " you what?... I'm not going to have any grandchildren?" Mom looked really said I kinda felt bad for being gay.

"Do you know how glad I was when you told me you weren't gay Kayla? Kayzha's gay she can't give me a grand baby.. Now your gay my hope is gone.." I dropped my head getting out the car with my phone teary eyed. I walked inside the gas station bathroom thinking about what my mom just said. That really hurt me I didn't know she felt like that ..

Someone knocked on the door lightly I knew it was Kayla so I opened the door. She was red and her eyes were puffy. We hugged each other tightly crying in each other's arms. "I love you Kayla okay and if mom doesn't expect it's me and you against the world alright big sis?" I rubbed her back and she nodded.

I never cry this was so out of the ordinary it just hurt me that she said that. A few minutes later another pair of arms hugged us. I looked up it was mom. "I'm sorry girls I love y'all okay.. Y'all are my babies I didn't mean to upset y'all.. I expect y'all for who you are I love you and ion wanna see you hurting cause of me." She cried and me and Kayla hugged her back.


Later on that day Kayla showed us this girl who made her realize she really felt for girls she wasn't ugly she had tattoos she was brown skinned and tall.


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Sorry this so boring and emotional 😂 but it's just the first chapter I might make another one night 😊 but I wanted to make a stud4stud story so work with me this my first stud4stud story. But love y'all ❤️

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