Chapter four

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I get dressed for the party, I go for a pair of dark blue jeans that showed off my curves perfectly. I decided to wear a black sweater, crop top. It was summer, so it was perfect because it would be hot in the day and cold at night. I slip on some black wedge booties. And look at my outfit in my full body mirror. I liked how I looked. I get started on my makeup and go for a black smokey eyes. I put my hair in big waves.
I grab my car keys and head towards my car. Tonight was a personal celebration for me, for getting a job. So I was determined to drink the night away.
Getting the directions, it took me about 20 minutes to get there. The house was already full and the night had just started. I could hear the music from the streets. I text Lacey saying I'm here and she came out a few minutes later.
We were in our mid twenties so I'm not sure why we're still partying but I didn't care are that moment. I grab a beer as I walk in and start walking around the house.
I get a lot of cat calls, which I ignore. Throughout the night I run into people I knew from my college and catch up with them and talk about the future.
As I walk around I walk into someone (I only drank 3 beers at this moment)
"Oops sorry." I slurred. He stops me and looks at me.
"Hey, remember me?" He says with exciting eyes.
I look over him not remembering anything.
"Uhhhh.." I say awkwardly.
"I'm the cop that pulled you over"
He says rubbing his neck.
"Oh my gosh! You're the cute officer" I blurt out. My sober self would be so embarrassed but this was a different Allison. A more confident Allison.
   He just laughs and says "yeah, did you ever get that job you wanted?"
   "That's great." He says looking away.
   It was kind of just awkward after that.
   "Oh my name is Seth Gold" he says. 
    "Allison Cook" I say with a smile.
"Nice to meet you." He says.
"You too. If you don't mind me asking, how are you here? Being a cop an all?"
"Well I'm off the clock so I'm just a normal 25 year old."
"That makes sense." I said.
Then I feel a buzz in my pocket.
James: Um where are you??
"Oh shit. I have to go." I say closing my phone. I was in big trouble. I knew I should have stayed.
"Can I get your number?" He says as I'm about to walk out the door.
"Um sure" I say typing my number in his phone.
We say goodbye and I run to my car.
Most of the alcohol was out of my system before I got in the car so I was safe to drive.
   Once I pulled up, I parked my car and walked in where I was faced by James.
   "Where the hell were you? It's Tuesday. You're on call all day." He said, with an angry expression.
   "I was at a party, I'm sorry." I say looking down at the ground.
   "I thought you were trustworthy and responsible?"
    "I am. I was ju-"
  "Obviously you're not. Next time I call your room and you don't respond, you can pack your shit and leave." He spats at me.
   He was in his horrible mood again.
  "Yes sir." I say and I walk to my room.
  I fought the tears because I've never been yelled at like that before other than from my parents.
   Once I closed the door, they spilled out. I hold onto my pillow and let it out, not even caring if I get my mascara and eyeliner all over it.
   I feel my phone buzz and I glance at it.
    Unknown: Hey it's Seth. Is everything okay? It was good to meet you, I'd love to get some coffee sometime.
  I smile and begin to text back:
Me: hey, it was nice meeting you too. I'd love that! It just has to be someday on the weekend.
  He replies back saying alright and I put my phone on the charge. I couldn't help but smile. Seth was really handsome and sweet and seemed like my type.
   I fell asleep fast after that with a smile on my face.
   In the middle of the night I can hear someone in my room. I jump awake and I can see James shirtless in my dark room. The outline of his body was right in front of me. I could see that he was wearing pitch black pajama bottoms. He always looked black, which I wasn't complaining because he looked great in it.
    "What are you doing sir?" I whisper to him.
    "Were you crying?" He says back but still in a cold matter.
   "I mean yeah but it's cool."
  "Here" he says hanging me a box of tissues.
  "Yeah. See you in a few hours." He says awkwardly as he walks out.
   Did he actually care if he hurt my feelings?
James actually feels bad?? Wow. And maybe a love interest between Allison and Seth? What do you think? Let me know by voting  and commenting. Thanks!

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