Sean's Hideout

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•Derrick's POV•

I scrambled in after Chara and Lunar, my breath becoming sharper as we descended the rope ladder.

"Please be okay, please be okay," I muttered to myself as I heard Chara running with Lunar.

I jumped the last few bars of the ladder and landed with a loud bang at the bottom.

Papyrus and Frisk followed in after me, and we were inside a room with a huge ceiling.

No one was around, and the glittering chandelier swung ominously. The big oak doors swung open to reveal a man about 23, sitting on what looked like a throne.

He smirked as he saw us, and pulled a lever by his throne. All of his captives came out, along with his soldiers.

His hostages were, Lunar, Alphys, Asgore, Mettaton, Nice Cream Dude, Toriel, Sans and a couple other fallen humans I couldn't place.

His soldiers were, Undyne, Flowey, Chara, Xavier, and an empty spot stood near Sean.

Well, looks like someone decided to come back!" Sean exclaimed as the prisoners rattled the bars of their cages.

"Yes. But only because we're here to set our people free!" I yelled as I chucked a stone at the button on Sean's throne.

As soon as I did that, all hell broke loose.

The bars of the cages opened and the captives ran out to our side and Sean screeched, "CHARGE!!!!"

"How did you know about that button?!" Frisk asked me as Chara started running towards her.

"I've been in the same building with Sean for the past six months! I know pretty much everything!" I replied as I saw Sans lumbering after me.

That's when I saw out of the corner of my eye that Chara had vanished, and so had Frisk.

I knew at once that they were probably down in the dungeons.

They were fighting their own fight...

•Frisk's POV•

"Chara! Listen! I don't wanna fight you!" I exclaimed as she ran towards me, brandishing her knife.

"Oh well! Because I want to! This is what happens when you choose the side of Mercy, Frisk! You lose everything!" Chara yelled as she swung it close to my face.

"But I'm not a murderous lunatic, Chara! You used to be so kind and loving before you turned over to Sean!" I spat.

"I've always been like this! But I was just too afraid that you'd tell someone about me! You know what they say, don't cha? Snitches get stitches!" Chara said as her knife was sliced a bit off my hair off.

"Please come back to me Chara! I love you!" I said, ducking to avoid her weapon.

Chara stopped and stared at me. Her eyes had a soft yellow glow to them, but nonetheless, they were still psychotic looking.

"You're right, Frisk," Chara said, walking towards me. "I love you too."

Her lips crashed into mine as she said this, but then something else happened. I saw her knife up near my neck and she muttered,

"Now, be a good little Pacifist, and shut up already."

And with that, she decapitated me...

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