One More Time

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I strolled through my twitter feed, shortly before closing that out and heading to the gram. I was strolling through the feed when I came across a picture of me and my ex. With the caption 'I think I still love her. 💍'. There were multiple comments saying 'you guys should get back together' or 'y'all was relationship goals asf'. I smiled at the comments until I came across a hateful one. 'Why you miss that ugly thot?'

My blood started to boil. That bitch know damn well I don't like her. Why the fuck she commenting on his pictures anyway? Calling me a thot? Ha bitch bye. You in 11th grade with 2 kids. Fuck outta hea. I wanted to comment but then again I didn't. I know I still love him. But he really hurt me.

Ding. He texted me. I closed the app and went into my messages. Do you still love me? He said. What are you talm bout? I wrote. You liked the picture. He said. Oh damn. I didn't even know I did. Well of course I still love you. You were my first love. I said. I sat there for 5 minutes trying to figure out if I wanted to send it. I finally pressed send and put my phone down. I still love you too. Everything I ever said to you I meant it. You're my everything. I really miss you. Im sorry for everything I put you through. Can we try one more time? He said. I smiled deeply. Of course we can. I sent.

Heyy babes. This is wack asf. Im so sorry. But I'm happy to be back. Ima update His Secret Family as soon as I get some ideas. I swea. But I love y'all. 😚😚

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