Chapter 2: Confessing

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Alex's POV

I bro hug Weston, and fist bump Skylar. But, she missed, luckily I ducked, but her fist went flying and hit Weston's face 😂.

"Ow, such hurt, much sad." Weston mutters.
Skylar and I start to crack up. Till Weston nudges our shoulders.

Skylar and I roll our eyes. Seeing Jacob with one of his girlfriends.
The bus arrives and Jacob and Maddelyn push us aside and walk into the bus, Skylar flips up the middle finger with a wide smile.
We walk on the bus, I being the first one on, then Weston then Skylar. I walk to my usual seat, but a certain someone sticks his foot out and trips me, causing me to go flying in the isle. Luckily, all of us were the first ones on the bus, so I wasn't embarrassed.
We all walk to our seats placing ourselves into the cushions.

Jacob's POV

I didn't want to shove her.. It felt so wrong... As Maddelyn and I head on the bus, she whispers to me to trip Alex. My mind was telling me no, but saying no, is really hard... So.. I did it.
I just wish I could have explained to them why I did it...
But they wouldn't believe me...

Skylar POV

Okay, I have to admit, I... Kinda like Weston... I am thinking of telling Alexandria after school... I hope it goes well...

Weston's POV

Okay.... So I know Skylar and I are best friends, but I really like her, I think I am gonna tell Alexandria after school >.< From Alex's past, she used to have a boyfriend... Jacob.... But.. He. You know.. Bully's her now, and I don't wanna hurt her if her two friends found love.

Alex's POV

"Listen, although hes a jerk, I still have really strong feeling for Jacob, he used to be so kind at heart, and helped me up when I was down...." I say to Skylar.
"Alex, I wont say I didn't warn you, but you need to watch out, hes dangerous, and you know that, I don't care if he changes, I will always remeber him for what he did to you.." She calmy replies.
"Skyler, if you truly like someone, it isn't easy to get over them just like that." I scoff.
There was a sudden silence between us two, Skyler goes to open her mouth, and what she said next, I was not excpecting...
"Alex..." Skylar mumbles, slowly moving her head downwards.
"What? Is there something wrong?" I reply.
"I've realized, this whole time, I noticed I have had feelings for.. Weston.."" She says
"Oh." Shocked at what she had just said, I start to think, how will I set these two up....
"What, do you like him?" She asks raising an eyebrow.
"No, of course not." I quickly say.
"Alright, we'll talk after dinner alright?"

"Yeah, sure." I nod, starting to walk down the sidewalk.

Jacob's POV

Though I'm dating Maddy, I can't face the fact that I still like Alex, something is nagging me to talkto her.
"Maddy?" I say, walking her to the couch.
"What do you want?" She repliesin a sassy-like tone.
"It's over." I bluntly spit out.
"Smh, and you really think you can just say that, to me, without thinking that I am going to use this against you, because trust me babe, I will." She rudely states. Winking and strutting out the door.
I scoff in annoyance, closing my door, rattling the doorknob.

Formerly excited, I walk through my backyard, climbing oveer the large wooden fence, into Alex's backyard, where I notice a large table, with 2 chair, over to the right witha large inground pool.
"I miss this.." I sigh walking over to the sliding glass door. Where I catch a glimpse of Alex, sitting on her couch, watching the news. I lightly knock on the door, hoping she hears it. I got no reaction. I knock again, with more force onto the glass. She flicks her head, looking at the glass door, as she notices me she slightly winces.

Alex's POV

I hear a knock at the back of the glass door, pausing my show, I turn my head, noticing theres a person. I slighly wince at the fact that its Jacob, but a little part inside of me, isn't to bothered by his presence. I walk over slowly opening the door.
"Can I help you?" I say, glaring at him.
"We need to talk Alex." He replies, in a such serious tone.


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