Song of chapter: Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne


My big Brown eyes snapped open. A weird noise comming from down stairs.

"Mommy?" My little stubby legs tapped down the stairs with my teddy in my hand. My curly brown hair getting in my face as I walk down and my mom's over sized t-shirt getting stuck under my feet but I finally made it down. I still heard a noise but it was louder. I walk into the kitchen to see daddy hit mommy. I screamed and they both looked over. Daddy looked mad. Madder than the time I spilled his yellow drink on the carpet. But mommy oh no...

"MOMMY! " I screamed at the sight of her face. It had the red stuff that came out of someone's body when they get hurt which means mommy's hurt.

"Baby just got to bed I'll be up later." She rushed but daddy laughed. "Please not in front of Jessica" mommy begged.

"Don't want her to know of a big whore you are." Daddy said and took out a black think. He pointed towards mommy and I heard a big boom. I closed my eyes and plugged my ears. I opened my eyes to see mommy on the floor and more red stuff comming out of her.

"NO MOMMY!" I screamed and tried to run her but mean daddy pushed me to the floor.

"I love you Jessica" mommy said and daddy turn to me and put the black thing to my head. He smiled but and evil smiled and said

"Your next..."


I jolted up and realized it was a dream. My yearly nightmare. It is November. The tip of my nose felt numb and I remember all yesterdays events. It's still dark out though? Let me guess 3:47A.M. I look around and spot Harry's phone. I press the home button to see the time. Yep 3:47 the same time I always wake up drench in sweat in tears from that horrid nightmare. Usually Gem would be here. November 5th to help me with this but I have no one. Harry's asleep and I don't want to wake him plus he doesn't know my story. Nor will he when he leaves back to England and I never see him again. What am I gonna do? I have no one.

I took a deep breath and ended up releasing a loud sob I didn't know I had. I quickly cover my mouth and look over at Harry to see if he woke up. I look over at the sleeping beauty and watch as his little snores came out of his party lips. I still can't get over how beautiful he looks and how much he looks like Gemma. The curly brown hair and the blazing emerald green eyes that remind me of summer leaves. The pale yet tannish skin with red lips that stand out. His chisled features like Gamma. They both are absolutely flawless. Harry his a bit of acne on his forehead but that's a good think cuz i was started to convince myself they weren't human. I also stared at Harry's Nose and snake bit piercing. Strange for him to have them. I've never seen a guy with piercings. I wish I was like them. Able to get someone easily fall head over heels for them just buy their looks and personality. If Harry's is anything like Gemma, he's a heartbreaker, but he seems more closed. Like a wall built up. Like me.

I snapped of my trace at staring at him and started to get scared from my dream. I quietly unopened the little door thing for the truck even though I can hop off but I don't wanna get hurt. When I first got down I to off sprinting. I don't know where or why but I did. I knew we were at the abandon drive in theatre and I ended up at the convention stand. Not very far but a safe distance. I kneel down and started to sob. I was scared. The loneliness. The emptiness. The abuse. I'm also scared of the wake tomorrow. Last time to see Gemma but the dead one.


About 4:42 I came back to the truck but Harry wasn't their? Wait? Is their even a Harry? But what about the truck? His IPhone isn't in the back? But his blanket is! And I'm earth g his sweater! Or my sweater? I'm going crazy. I started to cry again and felt two arm grab me.

"LET GOOOO!" I screamed until they turned me around and it was Harry. He looked frightened. Probably my appearance. My bloodshot eyes and crazy mess of a hair and his over sized sweater that could pass for a bad dress.

"Jes I heard you sobbing." Harry said worried. I shook my head telling him I'm fine. I'm fine. Those two words with so many meaning behind them yet no one knows. He let go of me and led me back to the truck. We lay back down but I'm facing the wall of the truck so he doesn't see the tears. "Jes I know we really don't know each other but I do know is you have a terrible life along me and Gem but I'm here to comfort you. You can come closer to me." Harry said. But the problem is I'll get to attached cuz I'm desperate for love or any affection someone could give me and he'll end up leaving back to his life while I stay being everyone's punching bag. I'm weak. I felt an arm pushing me flat on my back so I'm looking at the sky.

"Please Jes I want to help." He said and the tears kept comming. I stared up into the dark yet light blue sky with the countless stars. I want a star so bad. My own personal one. Not the kind you can buy on the internet and its "claimed" to be yours but the real one UN MY hands. It may burn but it would be a good burn.

"I love stars. Their so beautiful. I wish I had my own personal one. The actual star not the kind you buy on the internet." I finally said I'm a hoarse voice. "I want to be an astronomer" I smiled proudly.

"Jes I have a deal. If you stay close with me I'll bring you back a star. I would go to the ends of the earth just to make you happy." He whispered I looked over astonish. No one would ever say that to me. Even Gemma would laugh but Harry understood. I just want to glow and he wants to glow with me. He hardly knows me though but it seems as if he does. I finally turn towards him.

"Harry you hardly know me. Only by Gemma but why do you wanna make me happy? What's the point? All the happiness in my life ends up leaving to fight alone cuz I'm weak. I can't get stronger." I said back to him

"Your breaking Jessica, I won't leave you just keep holding on." He said and came closer to put his arm around me and forehead against mine which sent shivers down my spine thAt turned in to sparks in me.I finally calmed down and closed my eyes. Harry was right. I got to keep holding on...


If the relationship between them seems to be going to fast I'm sorry:( you will understand later in the book. Thanks for reading. (If you actually read this.)

~Lizette xx

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