Chapter 3: Edited Version

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❝I'm now working on the next book for the series. Anyway y'all have to tell me what y'all think about this ending. P.S. // This is the chapter without the sex scene, the other one was made private. So follow me, delete the book then you'll see 'Chapter 3' the actual chapter with the sex scene. Enjoy! :)❞

Rod's Temptation; Three

It had been three week with both Mariah and Rod sleeping alone. Rod didn't know how to warm up to her cause honestly, he never had to. Mariah had moved into an apartment that wasn't so far from her job at the hospital.

Rod had talked to her over the phone a couple of times just to see how she was doing, today he was going to visit her. He hadn't seen her in three weeks and it was killing him slowly.

"Girl, I know you not sitting in this damn house all day?" One of Mariah's friends, Chante asked.

Mariah sighed as she flicked through the TV guide, trying to find something good to watch.

"That's all there is to do." Mariah responded.

"We can link up with my girl Miracle, at least get you out of this house and stop worrying about Rod sorry ass." She said as a knock came at the door.

"Can you get that please?" Mariah asked before Chante stood and walked to the door and opened it before she rolled her eyes, "I'm leaving. I'll call you later, Mariah."

Rod waited for Chante to leave before he stepped inside, closing the door behind him as he looked around the apartment.

"This what you living in? A damn box?" He asked in more of a statement as he made sure he locked the door.

Mariah shook her head as she looked at her uninvited guest but still she couldn't resist the butterflies in her stomach, It had been their for the last eighteen years. Rod was only in black basketball shorts with a white tee while Mariah was still in her scrubs.

"How you get the address?" Mariah asked.

"I always got my eye on you." Rod said and Mariah knew it was true. Rod never let her go anywhere without someone watching her when she wasn't with him.

Rod sat on the couch beside her, still observing her place. It was nothing compared to their home. Their house cost five times more than what her apartment was worth. The apartment only had two rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and a dining room and to Mariah that's all she needed.

"What you doing here?" Mariah asked.

"Came to see you." He said as he grabbed her hand, lacing his fingers through hers.

"Oh, you did? Not Juicy?" Mariah asked as Rod sighed.

"I don't know who keep telling you this shit but that night I didn't have sex with Juicy, I saw her and we talked but that was all." He said as he looked in her eyes.

"Have you ever had sex with her?" Mariah asked, she was going to get answers. Now.

"I have," Rod said as Mariah moved her hand out of his, "but that's all it was. I swear all it was is sex."

"How I'm supposed to know if you lying or not! It seem like that's all you fucking do is play with my damn heart!" Mariah said as she stood, she couldn't be near him.

"I ain't lie to you! I'm telling the truth, Ri." Rod said as he dragged his hands down his face.

"How long?" Mariah asked as she closed her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest.

Rod sighed, "Some months."

"Why?" Mariah asked as she felt the first drop of tears trail down her face.

"I don't know, it was just there." Rod told her honestly, "She was coming over to talk to you but you were at a meeting at work, I was in the shower, she ca-"

Mariah held up her hand, silencing him. And that was exactly why he didn't know how to make it right, he didn't know how to fix it. No matter what he was doing, he fucked it up.

"That's not what I mean," Mariah started, "why do you do what you do? Does it make you feel like a man? Cause it doesn't! I've always been there for you, always and you go to these hoes for something that I could always give you. Was I not good enough? Wait. No. You weren't good enough for me. I could of been married with kids right now if I finally just stop wishing the impossible. I can't change you and I never will."

Mariah and Rod always talked about kids, Mariah always wanted one but she still felt as if Rod wasn't ready and he wasn't. She wanted marriage, Rod had proposed to her more than three times but her answer was always no. Because he wouldn't grow up. He was almost thirty still acting as if he was a teenager, and she wouldn't conceive a child or marry him through that.

"Come here." Rod said and when she shook her head, he stood up, walking to her. He wiped her tears before he made her look in his eyes. He bent down, kissing her softly, and no matter how angry she was with him she could never resist him.

He pulled back before he grabbed her waist, he held her before he walked to the kitchen counter, sitting her on it. He kissed her neck before switching to the other side, pushing his tongue out as he tasted her skin.

"I only," He kissed her neck, "-want" he kissed her neck again, "-you."

And as unbelievable as it sound, he would try to keep his dick in his pants because he missed her. He probably wouldn't admit it, but he missed her more than anything. Her laugh, her smell, her body, her kisses, even her cuddles. He just missed her, period.

The past weeks they had been apart he only had sex once and that was only because he thought as soon as he went home, she would be there. Then it hit him, no one could compare to Mariah, he couldn't even nutt because his only thoughts were of Mariah. He had a appetite for her and only her, he was tired of using his hands, he wanted her. As much as he tried to think every girl could bring him the pleasure Mariah did, he was proved wrong.

It was true, he wanted her but still he didn't come for sex. He came because he needed her affection, something only she could give him.

But to Mariah, she couldn't fall under his trap again. He was only trying to ease his way in to hurt her again and this was the last time.

She moaned, her eyes closed shut. He picked her up again, wrapping her legs around his waist as she held on to his shoulders.


Zane, Rod, Suan, D, and Terrence sat in the Lounge Room as they tried to see what they were going to do about Zero.

Zero was new to the state of Florida, rumors were going around that he was wanted and chose different locations. As fucked up as the rumors seemed they weren't scared. They heard he killed his family, stole someone's identity, and even had a trap house filled with his enemies. They even went as far to saying he had kept them there for months, doing what he could to keep them alive but he always tortured them to the point they were on the verge of dying.

But that still didn't scare them. After they found out what Houston was doing behind their backs, they let all their workers go. They kept a small circle, it seemed like they were the only ones they could trust.

"Y'all know where he stay?" Zane asked, everybody knew not to fuck with Zane today. Today was the day CJ died, he couldn't be with his wife when she needed him most. Walking around not knowing shit was putting him and his family's life in danger so he had to attend the meeting.

At first, Suan chose to ignore Zero until he did something that messed with his money. But after a week of ignoring him, he got a message from some lil ass boy that couldn't be over the age of twelve, telling him Zero was coming for their turf.

They shook their head. No one knew where this nigga was, it was hard to locate him.

"How we gone handle this?" D asked as he sat up, ready to talk business.

Suan didn't like drama, none of them did. They would either talk business with Zero or watch him steal their turf.

"Terrence, ima need you to call up my connects. Tell them to look for Zero."

"Alright." Terrence said before he stood up he turned to his cousin, Rod, before he dapped him and dapped everybody else before leaving.

"Just be safe." Suan said as he stood, "Eyes open."

They all nodded before they stood. Right now, no progress was made.

Meanwhile, Mariah danced against Miracle and Chante as she sipped her drink slowly. Right now, she wasn't worried about Rod or Jasmine. She was doing her.

Even though, Rod and her were fucking less than three hours ago, she was single. She knew Rod was only going to play her again. If he could go after all these woman and enjoy himself, she could too.

"Oooh, girl that man is looking at you!" Miracle said as she looked at Mariah.

"Huh," Mariah turned to where Miracle was looking and saw a 6'4, dark skin, brown eyed, handsome man. But as fine as he was, Mariah wasn't interested. It was too soon plus she still had Rod in her mind and it wouldn't be fair to be with a man when she was still thinking about her ex. Her cheating, cocky, ex.

"Go! Go talk to him!" Chante said as she waved at the man while he smirked and waved back but his eyes were only on Mariah.

Zero watched the mocha skin, short hair, thick lipped beauty move against two other females. The way her body moved, the way she threw her head back while she laughed intrigued him. He wanted her, he was going to have her.

He watched as both her and her friends eyes went to him. One of them waved before he waved back but he was waiting for Mariah. She held a look of hesitation as she looked him over. If only she knew how many times he had to change his looks and identity.

He had been in Florida for a month, when he discovered a turf. The turf was on top of the game right now and since he had to start his life over, he was ready to start his money over, beginning with taking everything they had. He wanted it all with a boss lady by his side but he wasn't looking until he saw Mariah. She looked trust worthy unlike all the other gold-digging bitches he went through. She looked like she could hold it down and in all she looked like a strong woman and that was exactly what he needed.

He watched as she looked at her friends one more time before she walked over to where he sat at the bar, taking a seat beside him.

"Hi," She said with a small smile that made his ever wider. She was shy.

"Hey," he said as he got a good look at her in her dress, "What's your name?"

"Mariah." She said with a small smile.

"You can call me Lance." He said, "Dance with me?"

He held out his hand as she looked at it, she sighed before she took it. He helped her out the chair and on to the dance floor.

He held her hips as she took a deep breath as he pushed his front against her back.

"Relax." He whispered before he guided her hips against his, so they were grinding to the music.

Soon, one tense muscle relaxed at a time. She moved against him to the music as sweat started to form on their foreheads. The heat from their body and their dancing.

Twenty minutes later, Mariah pulled back. Before she felt her name being called, she saw Miracle and Chante waving her over as they pointed to their watch.

"Shit." Mariah whispered, she had work tomorrow.

"What's wrong?" Zero asked.

"I have to go. Thank you for the dance, Lance." She said before she kissed her cheek and turned to walk away before his hand snaked around her wrist.

"Give me your number." He said, bringing her back in front of him.

"My number?" She asked as he nodded, "Okay."

She bit her lip as she thought about the pros and cons before she asked for his phone and put her number in.


"So, how'd it go?" Jasmine asked as she sat on her couch.

"Nothing happened." Payton sighed, "She's still grieving, I should give her time."

"I talked to Rod." Juicy confessed.

"What'd you say?" Payton asked as she looked down at her phone, she was texting her babysitter, making sure her baby girl was alright.

"I told him to apologize." She said as Payton looked up and frowned.

"I thought we were trying to break them up, not get them together. What the fuck?"

Jasmine sighed, Payton was obsessed with breaking them up, "Why are you so crazy about this, I know it's more than just Mariah. Why do you hate Rod?"

And that was why she didn't want to do this with Juicy. She paid her to fuck Rod and now she was asking questions.

"It's nothing."

"It's definitely something." Juicy said, she wanted to know and she was gonna find out now.

"Stop." Payton said, "I'll give you the rest of the money tomorrow."

"Okay," She whispered in a seductive voice, she was going to find out Payton's secrets.

She smiled before she leaned forward, pushing her lips against Payton who didn't move at first. She bit Payton's bottom lip causing her to moan before she plunged her tongue into her mouth.

"Tell me."


Rod slowly walked into Mariah's apartment. It was dark, no lights, no sound.

He brushed it off before he walked into her bed room. He flipped on the lights and gasped when he saw Mariah tied to the bed, naked.

He went to untie her when a female voice giggled before he felt the pain and sound of a gunshot. He looked down as blood fell from his mouth.

"Bye, baby." Said the female voice with a chuckle as he dropped to his knees, almost coughing on his own blood.

His breathes got shorter as he watched Mariah jerk against the bed, screaming his name around her gag.

He dropped to the ground and the laughter of the unknown female was the last thing he heard...

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