I stop my bike and slowly get off of it, not taking my eyes off of what was in front of me. I Lean my bike over a bit and I hear Ash jump out. After that I let it go completly and I hear it hit the ground. I missed the prison more than I thought I did. I grab my duflebag in my left hand and hold my sword in the right. I smiled widely and started running into the big medow infront of the prison. I slaughter every walker that gets in my way. I am just too damn happy right now. I get to the gate and now i'm sort of impatient but i am still happy as ever. "Glenn! open up!" I yelled up to the tower, happy tears now streaming down my face. 

The fence swung open. Me and Carl quickly made our way in. In the corner of my eye I see glenn running twards us. "Oh my god, I thought you were dead!" He said landing infront of us. He stared at us for a minute as if we wernt real. Then he sighed and wrapped his arms around both of us. "You have no idea wht your being gone did to the group. I felt him smile into my skin. He pulled away from us and looked at us some more. "Come on, lets say hi to the rest." He smiled, and got behind us, putting one hand around each of us. We made our way to the prison. Me and Carl each opened one of the double doors. Everyone either had their backs turned or their heads down. 

Glenn cleared his throut. No one gave him any notice. I dropped my duflebag and slid off my pack. 

"Hey! Is no one happy to see us? Becouse we can just go back from where we came from.!" I said loudly, smiling widely and clapping my hands rappidly. Everyone shot their heads to us three. 

No one said anything for a good two minutes. Another happy tear rolled down my cheek. I wasnt sure we would ever see them again.... 

Finally Rick got up slowly and took small steps tward us, as if not to scare us off. 

He stepped infront of Carl and stared at him. He put his hands on his shoulders then started to feel around on his face. 

Then drops started to stream down his face as he engulfed his some in a hug, rubbing his head. 

"Carl.." He repeated. "I missed you so much, I thought you were dead." He said pulling back and wiping his face. I looked to carl and he was crying too. As I was looking at him I felt someone put their hands around he and pick me up. I was put over someones shoulder. "Let me down!" I yelled playfully. I heard a husky laugh then I was put down on the ground. I look up to meet Daryls eyes.  

His eyes started to water a bit while I was already pouring out tears. 

"I missed you so much..." I whisered. He pulled me into a bonebreakign hug. and planted a soft kiss on my forehead. "I was going crazy without you." He whispered in my ear before pulling away. 

"I love you dad." I said smiling, tears slowing, but still coming. 

"I love you too babygirl." He sweetly, pushing a strand of hair out of my face. 

"I missed all of you." I said motioning to veryone else who was now circled around us. For the next 20 minuted I was engulfed in countless hugs and heart warming comments. 

Then something crossed my mind. 

"Wait...where's Carol?" I asked looking at everyone. All of a sudden everyone dropped their heads. hen I start thinking the worst. 

No...she cant be dead...shes like my mother. No, she's not dead.  

Rick looked up at me with an expression that canfirmed my suspitions. 

"No..." I said backing up. Now sad tears carresed my cheeks. 

"NO!" I yelled, my voice cracking. I tried to run off but someone caught me by my waist. Carl.