Chapter 33- Driving

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Chapter 33- Driving

Ryan hired a Volkswagen mini van from the car hire store and so we finished packing our bags and threw it all into the boot then climbed in.

Today we are just driving the whole day so we get to Mullberry on time. I get into the passenger seat with Dylan beside me who said he was driving today.

It turned out that it wasn't just Dylan, Ryan, Sebastian, Ruby and I, it was also Jordan- Sebastian brother, Grace- the girl with the long dark hair at Sebastian's party that we played truth or dare with and London- the slut from school that will bang anything that walks.

Eight teenagers in one car is extremely loud. London is sitting right at the back with Ryan who is taking up most of the back seat, leaning his feet on London while she complains that his coverses are going to get her Prada dress dirty.

Ruby is sitting next to Sebastian, they're both talking in hushed tones and laughing. They're really cute together, I totally ship it.

Jordan is talking to Grace about some Beyonce concert that is coming soon.

All in all, it's extremely noisy and the radio is on blasting twenty one pilots through the car. I smile and look at Dylan who isn't removing his eyes from the road.

"Oh my god guys, play pony!" London shouts from the back of the car, "I want all my guys to be ready for me later tonight." she says with a wink.

"Don't worry, I'm ready for you already babe." Ryan says with a wink and all the guys in the car laugh, including Dylan.

I gag and roll my eyes, this is going to be the longest five days of my life.


After four hours of driving we stop at a gas station. Everybody runs to the bathrooms and a few minutes later we all come out sighing in relief. I've never appreciated a toilet more.

We walk into the store where a chubby lady with a tight blonde pony is standing behind the cash register with a bored expression on her face.

"Guys, this is like that gas station scene in Magic Mike XXL where he dances to make the cashier laugh." Ryan whispers loudly as he grabs a few packets of Doritos and tosses them into the shopping cart.

"You've watched Magic Mike?" Grace asks.

"Yeah, like a dozen times, the girls in that movie are hot too." Ryan explains as if it's obvious.

Dylan goes to the till to pay for the two shopping carts full of food and then puts it all into the car.

"Okay, if you know the movie so well, act it out and make the cashier laugh." Jordan says.

"Fine." Ryan says, accepting the challenge.

Ryan made Sebastian play I want it that way by Backstreet boys on the speakers.

He acts out the scene perfectly, spraying water all over his white shirt, showing off his six pack which causes London to gawk at him.

Once he is done with his little escapade he goes to the till and pays for his water exactly like they did in Magic Mike and the cashier just frowns at him in silence.

"Was that from Magic Mike?" the cashier asks. Ryan nods and brushes a hand through his wet brown hair causing water to drip down his face and body.

The cashier chuckles, "I love that movie! Will you give me your autograph?" she pleads.

"Sure, where do you want me to sign?" Ryan asks, grinning like he won an Oscar.

She points to her forehead and he signs it with a marker then leaves with us in tow. We all burst out laughing as we get in the car, "That was awesome mate." Jordan admits.

Ryan bows and gets in the back of the car, next to London again. He takes of his soaking wet shirt and she starts touching him.

Ugh, this is so gross.

I turn to face the front, my face contorting in disgust. Dylan looks at me and sees my disgusted face then starts laughing, "Just don't turn around unless you want to see free porn." Dylan advises and I nod in agreement.


At nine pm Dylan decides he has driven enough and makes Sebastian get in the front and drive and so I climb in the back with Dylan, forcing Ruby to go to the front, and lie on Dylan's lap because there is three rows of seats and enough space for me to lie down.

Dylan pulls me up, making me sit on his lap with my legs straight on rest the seat. I yawn and lean my head on his shoulder, he shivers as my breath fans against his neck.

I chuckle and he wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me closer towards him.

I really like being close to Dylan, its almost like I crave him, I want him to talk to me, to laugh with me, to hold me and I really want him to kiss me.

He is so comfortable. I nuzzle my head into his neck and he involuntarily shivers again and groans. I laugh, I'm glad I know that I have that effect on him.

I don't know why but it's like I'm a werewolf and he's my mate, I have a connection to him and its so strong and unbreakable and I just crave him all the time.

Sorry, Ive been watching too many supernatural series.

He smells really good, I suck in a deep breath through my nose, letting the scent engulf my senses. I love the smell, whatever it is.

I close my eyes, beginning to go into a deep slumber.

I really want to ask Dylan if he likes me but it doesn't seem like the right time. Why would he want to kiss me if he doesn't like me? Because he is Dylan Thompson, obviously.

If he said no it would honestly crush me. I don't know what I would do, what I would say. I'd probably be dumbstruck and wouldn't react or I would do something really stupid.

I really hope he likes me.


I hate unrequited love though, it just irritates me xD especially when I shipped the couple together, its like NOOOOOOOO WHYYYYYY? *cries for three years*

Magic Mike scene that Ryan acts out:

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