Downright Confused.

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Tobias' POV-

I grabbed my water bottle and locker key before heading towards the door. My breathing had eventually calmed down but my muscles ached, signalling an amazing workout. I nodded a goodbye at the gym instructor by the door before heading out, wiping the sweat off my head with my arm. My thoughts turned towards Emily and I felt a pang of hurt knowing everything she had gone through. She was a good person and didn't deserve any of it. Now she's  fighting for her life in a coma. I shook my head, creasing my eyebrows up in annoyance, at myself.

She isn't your problem Tobias.

I sighed, annoyed at myself for thinking about her. As if on cue my phone beeped and I pulled it out of my pocket, leaving the gym as I did so. The text was from Jake and as I read the words, a smile flashed across my face. I rarely smiled so when I did, it meant I was genuinely happy. Emily had squeezed Jake's hand today showing some sort of improvement. Improvement was good. I texted him back quickly --

Let me know if anything else changes. -T

I hesitated, my finger hovering over the send button. Should I send it? I didn't want Jake taking it the wrong way. I rolled my eyes knowing Jake would take it exactly the wrong way. My finger instead pressed the delete button and I sighed in annoyance once more.

When Emily had moved in with us I reacted badly towards her, even I knew that. I took my relationship with Jake out on her and that wasn't fair on me. I realised how much of a dickhead move that was.

I ran my hand through my hair as I remembered the morning she helped clean my cut up. She had made me laugh and smile as we both watched some crappy Netflix show. My whole attitude towards her since that morning had changed, we became friends.

I swallowed the lump in my throat as the word 'friends' floated around my thoughts.

Stop it Tobias! Don't do this again.

I shut my eyes tightly and pushed the feeling away. I couldn't do it to him, not again. I couldn't have a crush on another one of his girlfriends. I regretted it ever since, the loss of a brother and the gain of an enemy was just too much. We had been at each other's throats for years and now it felt like everything was slowly rebuilding back together. As slow as a messed up snail on crack but still, it was moving forward.

I just hoped that snail wouldn't change its mind and start going backwards instead.


"Hey Tobias, do you want to go see Emily in hospital later?" Ivory asked, popping her head round my bedroom door. I pulled my earphones out, turning the volume on my phone down.

"Nope," I shook my head, resting my arms over my head. Ivory frowned, letting herself in and shutting the door behind her.

"Why not?"

"Because there's no point. She's in a coma Ivory, she can't hear us." I responded, rolling my eyes. Ivory huffed and headed back towards the door, stomping a little as she did.

"She could still use our support Tobias, so could Jake!" she replied angrily before slamming the door behind her. My bedroom shook a little from the force of the door and I groaned, rolling over and pulling my pillow up over my head.

Great, someone else I've fallen out with.

Is Ivory right? Do Emily and Jake really need me?

I sighed, knowing the answer already before pushing myself up off my bed. I quickly grabbed my jacket, chucking it on before heading for the door. Ivory was halfway out the front door as I reached the top of the stairs -

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