Chapter Thirty-Four: Retrograde (Fin)

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"What do you think of these?" Liz asked holding out a white baby outfit.

I think if it's anything like you, you're going to want to stay clear of anything white. At all."

She sneered playfully at me and I tried to return it though I wasn't in an amused mood.

Baby shopping only brought back memories of things I didn't want to think about and made me...depressed? Miserable? Was I miserable?

"Okay, well what about this? Isn't it's adorable?" She held out light blue sailor outfit with match hat and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at her.

"How about we hold off on the clothes shopping until we figure out the gender."

I hadn't meant for it to be a snap but her clipped fine and wondering eye of the women also shopping for infant things told me I'd failed miserably.

With an inward sigh, I left the food filled basket I'd been nursing and when to wrap my arms around her.

"I'm sorry." I placed a kiss on her forehead. "I'm just...stressed. Nervous. We find out the sex tomorrow. Can't we just...wait until then to get colors?"

She hesitated but then nodded seeing reason. "Basics for now. Diapers, food for us." Which was what we originally had been here for.

She sighed loudly and began to pout. "Fine. Tortellini?"

"Yes. Please." For the love of all that was holy yes. I wished we could just get out of here.

For the past two weeks it'd been nothing but baby this and baby that and I-I needed a break. Granted we hadn't been arguing which was nice but it had been replaced with talks of doctors' visits that I wasn't allowed to go to, changing my office in the baby's room, and her complaining about her weight.

I'd finally put my foot down about not being able to go to appointments since I wanted to see how things were going.

She was finally six months and while she'd told me after coming back from her last unknown appointment that the doctors had told her it was too early to see the baby's gender I wanted...I didn't know what I wanted. It had been about two weeks since that appointment and I was hoping for a change I guess.

I was hoping to feel some type of connection with it.

"So you're just going to walk past me?" I looked up from my basket to see Ron standing, arms crossed, in the frozen department.

It had been a while since I'd spoken it with him and seeing him now eased my mind for some reason.

I apologized for overlooking him and embraced him.

"How've you been, man?" he readjusted the loaf of bread he was babying. "It's been a while."

"Too long. And..." I debated if I wanted to be honest with him when my wife was only an isle over. "Been better. What about you?"

He chuckled at my answer and waved at the person behind me who I was positive was Liz. "Been okay. How was prison?"

I rolled my eyes. "I was not in prison. But thank you for bringing that up again." As if I wasn't constantly reminded about that every time I got up and realized I wouldn't have to live another day in jail. "I didn't see you in court."

"Doesn't mean I wasn't there for you Bennie." He shook his head. "Who do you think lied to the cops when they came asking how well I knew you?"

"Yeah, I heard they questioned a lot of people. Sorry, I was unaware you were one of them."

"You would have if you hadn't been avoiding me."

I wasn't avoiding him. I was just...

"Yeah, sorry about that." I looked away and searched for my wife. "I've just been busy."

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