Chapter Thirty-Three: Waiting Game

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Chapter Thirty-Three: Waiting Game

I couldn't find the strength to open my eyes fully despite wanting to see him before he left. The warmth of his hand on mine was comforting but when it left I felt a tear roll down my cheek only to be wiped away moments later when Wade came to sit next to me.

"Stop your blubbering." His hand lingered on my cheek. "And get some rest."

There was no choice but to do just that as the pain medication I was probably on caused me to slip under again.

I wasn't sure how long I was asleep but when I woke, it was to Kitty's strained laughter at whatever amusing thing Wade had just said.

"Well look who's finally stirring." Wade mused once I'd finally opened my eyes.

"Ha, ha." I croaked then tried to moisten my mouth. "Very funny."

He chuckled and nudged my sister. "Didn't I tell you she'd be cranky when she woke up."

"When is she never not cranky." She smiled and for once it didn't seem forced.

"How-" I croaked but when it became stuck in my throat I looked for something to sooth my dry. I motioned for Wade to pass me the pale green pitcher and after taking a drink of water he'd poured into one of the clear cups I tried again, this time succeeding in my question. "How are you feeling, Kitty?"

When she shrugged I eyed her and she elaborated. "I don't know. I don't really feel any different. I'm not hurting that much anymore. Oh, and the nausea's gone."

My heart hurt with her words and I hated the fact I'd been the cause of her pain. Now that I'd...

No, it was still too fresh to think about so I didn't.

"That's good. How long have I been asleep for?" I questioned of Wade, hoping it hadn't been too long.

"Well, it's...Monday." He chuckled.


"Afternoon." He finished. "You should really sleep more often Kat, it's kind of a requirement know, stay alive?"

"Who needs sleep?" I joked, though realized the truth in his words. I'd have to get some sleep in between working and taking care of Kitty. There needed to be break time for me but when?

"You hungry?" He questioned once I was out and crawling into bed. "They brought lunch like an hour ago but you were still out so I told them to try again later."

"He was hoping you'd wake up today." My sister informed me when Wade stood and came to sit by me.

I shook my head no but questioned why he was hoping for today.

His shoulders lifted with a shrug. "I don't know. After I heard about what went on Saturday I just didn't want to have to sue this hospital for screwing you up."

I wasn't sure what that meant and I didn't get a chance to ask because Caroline entered the room and shifted the conversation to how shocked she was that I'd slept so long.

"I don't think she was asleep." Wade chuckled and when we questioned what he meant he explained. "I think you were in a coma. No one could wake you. They debated putting a catheter in you but I told them you wouldn't want that. It wasn't like you were pissing yourself."

I risked a look towards Kitty who I was glad didn't take offense to his words.

"Did they say how long we'd have to stay here?" I hoped to distract her before her memory came back.

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