Chapter 2

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      Y/n POV :
   I heard the front door slam open making me jump when I looked over to see daddy going to his car. When he looked over to me he glared growling that it's my fault, making me confused. My mommy came into the backyard right after my daddy left, she grabbed me hard and yanked me to the house "It's your fault he left" she said meanly. "OW mommy that hurts" I cried but that only made her pull harder. Tears were clouding my eyes making me almost trip when coming to the door after pulling me inside she slammed the door shut.

  She looked at me with a scary glare that I never saw her use before. She picked me up by my hair so I was looking into her eyes "why did you have to be born" she said before dropping me to ground. I almost screamed but was into much pain to say anything or do anything. Crying was the only thing I could do from what mommy just did and from my daddy leaving, as I laid there crying I couldn't help but think "why mommy and daddy" before something hit me on the head making me falling into "sleep".


Chapter 2 done , yay
Sorry if it's short to you 👌 I tried 😅

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