Chapter 7 √

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Seth and Sky fought and fought then as we got closer to the mall they sort of stop I staid in the car. I feel so bad how could I yell at Sky like that.

Sure she forgave me but still.

I grab my iphone and dial Ryle on my iPhone 5 that Sky got me. R.I.P Steve Jobs .

Sky makes me say that since her family are friends with him and to her he's her role model.

" Hey Josh what's up" Ryle said a bit to happy.

"Look just get me one more and then no more ok" I said feeling bad.

"Ok man any way come up the Angels look better in person not that you wouldn't know" He said in a toon I knew he was smirking.

I hung up and got out of Seth's car .Tammy one of the Victoria's secret model interns was at the front of the mall only letting people that were on the list get in.

More people started pushing then they saw me and moved to let me in. Tammy let me with out checking the list since I was famous and was sky best friend.

There in front of me was Sky kissing Seth. They took a long time, by then I felt sick and felt like hitting both of them. Oh no what's wrong with me how could I want to hurt Sky . Playing foot ball was the only thing that she loved about school and since her uncle Jose is the football couch and boys couch for PE. Her uncle jose is marry to her aunt Tracy they have two twins that are four. The girls name is Jasmine and the boys name is James they both have chocolate brown hair and gray eyes like Amber and Sky. But the point is I hate football but my dad wanted to play but his parents wanted him to be a actor . Now he wants me to live up to his goal . I'm only staying in this for Sky.

I bumped Into someone by accident , I look up to see Brandi there in a black braw and back panties that was black that had orange laces she had a orange jacket with her hood up while her wings were black and had a few orange feathers.

" Going some were Mr.jumpy" She ask looking at me . I knew Brandi had a crush on me but I never said anything sine she hung out a lot with Sky and that would make it award.

" Hey beautiful what's up" She blush but turn back to her normal color. I shake my blond hair and then I herd her and my British accent came back. Thing is me and Seth went to football came in London so there we picked up how to speak like them and since it made Sky blush we kept it.

"Look love tell Skyler that when she's done sucking playboys face to call me" She nodded and look Sadden by what I have said.

" Brandi can you help me with something " Her face brighten up and nodded.


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