A Mistake Worth Making.

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Pov: Maisey

Yeah, its my 17th birthday. Now get over it. Yeah, im having a massive party on Saturday. Now get over it! Yeah, the guy i really like isnt coming. Well, i cant get over that. I pressed my face against my pillow, grabbing both sides of it and letting out a sream. i rolled onto my back and lay looking at the ceiling. Why wasnt he coming? He knew my parties were the best! I had them at my aunties and she let us do what ever. drink, smoke and make a mess. I let out a sigh whilst rolling to look at my phone to see what time it was. It was 6.33am. What am i doing up this early? I unlocked my phone, noticing i had 3 messages. I rolled back on my back holding my phone upwards. The first message was off my best friend, T. ( her name was tash, but i called her T.)

'Happy Birthday Beautiful! I'll give your prezzie in college later, have a fab day with mwahh! Love you lots :) x x x x '

I smiled. I love my best friend so much. She was there through thick and thin with me. i then opened the next messge. It was off a boy called Lee. I'd known him through high school but we didnt speak much. But now i was in collage and he was in my class we spoke a lot more.

'Hey. Happy Birthday. see you in college x'

He didnt say much. My friends always said it was because he had a crush on me but i never believed it because he never tried it on with me or anything. The last message was off Chase! He was the boy i liked! I felt my heart pound out of my chest. OH MY GOD, he remembered my birthday.

' erm. This is Maisey isnt it? well i was wondering if i could borrow your brothers shorts again for P.E? My mum put mine in the wash last night and there still wet. thanks. text back.'

My heart sunk.

He didnt remember my birthday. Chase was the sort of boy that stuck up his own bum. He loved himself a little too much. But apart from him being that , oh and a ladys man. He was pretty cool. He had brown short hair which he combed over to one side, he had dark brown eyes with dark eyelashes, his eyes were beautiful! Chase was taller than me but not as tall as the other boys in our year. He was really into his sports, like i was. But the only thing i didnt like about him was, that he was friends with my brother! My brother Daniel had been friends with Chase since i started high school. I suppose it was kinda good they were friends because that meant Chase came round to my house nearly every night to see Daniel.

i clicked reply.

'yeah, i'll get them now. I will bring them college. see you later xx'

Daniel got annoyed with me sometimes because i was texting one of his friends, but i didnt care i just carried on texting Chase to annoy him. Daniel was in the year above Chase and me. He was 18 so that meant he could by alcohol and fags. I loved for that, he would always go the shop for me for my fags. aslong as he had 2 of them. i didnt understand why he wanted them though because he didnt smoke?

I checked my phone again to see the time. It was 6.54am. I through my phone at the end of my bed and through the quilt off me.

I had a quick shower, got dressed and went down stairs.

''HAPPYYYYY BIIRRTTTHHDAYYYY!'' My mum screamed walking over to me to give me a hug. I smiled. I love my mum. She wasnt like any other mum, she was young, attractive, always happy and single. i told my mum everything. She was like one of my best friends.

'' AHHH, i cant believe my baby girl is 17!'' she said kissing my cheek.

''Presents?'' I said walking into the kitchen.

'' Well i thought because your getting older you didnt want presents.'' she said with a smile on her face, holding a envelope towards me.

i took the envelope and opened.

'' oh my god mum. £100! Than you!''

'' Its ok sweetie. You can buy something new to wear for saturday.''

'' thank you mum.'' i smiled, leaning forwards for a cuddle.

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