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"Aye bae where you headed" Chris asked coming in the room, I quickly zipped up my Nike duffle bag so he couldn't see inside.

"Oh um Cyd wanted to go for a quick night run, then have girl time" I say, looking up at him. God knows I hate lying to Chris but I'm scared if I tell him about my second life he'd leave.

"Oh ok, well I'm gone step out with my boys for a while. Call me later ight" He said, I nod and meet him halfway for a kiss. He gripped my ass bringing me closer, I wrapped my arms around his waist.

No man could ever compete with Chris in my eyes, he's my light at the end of the tunnel. I love him so much it hurts, he's all I know.

"Let me stop before you get me started" He teased, I smile kissing him again.

"I love you" I tell him, look in his eyes.

"I love you too big booty" He said smacking my plump backside, I hug him inhaling his scent that I love so much. We share one more kiss before I release him.

"No strip clubs daddy" I yell after him.

"Ok baby, love you" He responded.

"Love you too" I yell back slipping on my J's, I tye my hair up in a bun and grab my bag along with my phone and keys. I made sure Chris was gone before, walking out the house climbing in my rose gold G- Wagon.

I decided to take the back way to the club...



I was sitting in the VIP section of the club with my OHB family, we was popping bottles and having a good time. I was behaving myself cause I know what I got at home.

I was throwing money though, I know I told Lynn I wouldn't come here but hey what she don't know won't hurt right. The lights dimmed to shades of blue and pink pointing at the stage.

"Yall might wanna pull out the big bucks for this dime right here, she's every mans dream. Introducing ICEYYYYYYY" The crowd went crazy, suddenly a woman in a pink lace thong and bra came from the back.

My song Wrist started playing and lil shawty walked around the pole a few times before popping her ass, there was some strangely familiar bout her. My eyes were damn near glued to her every movement. The way her hips swirled and rocked to the beat of my song, was hypnotizing.

Her moves were clean and sexy, it kinda made me hard. I shouldn't be feeling like this, shit I shouldn't be here. Lynn would beat my ass, yet some in my mind told me go closer to the stage. So I did, reaching my hands in my pocket pulling out 20's and 50's.

Something stopped me tho, It told to look up. Again I did, a familiar thigh tattoo of candy lips dripping made me stop everything. Like the whole scene slowed down for me. I finally got a good look at the girl on stage.

Anger rises in my body, why the fuck is my girlfriend on stage shake her ass in front of all these thirsty ass niggas. It took all of me not to snatch her little ass off that fucking stage, boy I'm pissed.

She slowly dropped the floor from the pole, crawling towards the end of the stage where I stood. She flipped her hair out of her face, when she saw me standing there she looked scared shitless. I cock my head to the side licking my lips.

"Chris?" It was weird that I heard her whisper over the loud ass music, but forget that. She in so much trouble, I don't even know what to do with her.

Once her set was over I requested a private dance, they sent me to a room with red lighting. It matched my mood.

So this where she been going to "work" at, now it's all adding up. The late hours, the sneakiness, and that damn duffle bag. How could I have been so blind not to see this before.... I huff sinking down into my seat, God give me strength.

A few minutes later I hear heels clicking against the floor, my head rises and my eyes opened. There she was standing in front of me, damn near naked. My jaw clenched, as I thought I'm not the only one who she's took her clothes off for.

We sat there in an intense silence, I was still very pissed and she looked guilty. My head was starting to hurt.

"Come here" I demand in a low tone, she tucks her lips in fear but does as I say. Sitting on her knees in front of me.

"Stop playing with me Krislynn" I growl, she was testing me right now. Which isn't a smart thing to do.... She straddled my waist, playing with her nails.

"Please explain to me why my lady out here shaking her ass in other niggas faces" I ask looking up at her, she couldn't even give me direct eye contact.

"I need the money" She almost whispers, I bite my lip.

"Look at me while we talk" I tell her, she finally looks into my eyes.

"I need the money Chris" She repeats loud enough so I could actually hear her clearly.

"And this how you choose to get it" I clench my jaw.

"Not everyone is blessed with the talented to sing or dance Chris, unlike you I've had to work all my life" She fires.

"Dont try to switch shit on me, this is about you showing niggas what's suppose to be mine" I growl.

"Because before I met you this is what I did, that condo you used to come stay with me in. This is how I got it, all that shit I love spoiling you with, this is how I got it. Everything that I have is because of me shaking my ass every night" She sighs.

"You don't need to do this shit Kris, I can take care of you" I tell her.

"Why so when you leave me, I can be left out on the streets and eventually start working back in a strip club. Yeah no thanks" She rolls her eyes, I raise my eyebrow.

"You'd actually think I'd dog you like that" I say, I'm completely shocked. If anything I feel like I don't deserve her at times.

"......No" She admits lowly.

"Is that why you didn't tell me" I turn her head to look at me, she nods slowly. I sigh wrapping my arms around her waist.

"You'on got no reason to feel that way, I mean I'm shocked and pissed that this is how you make money but I would never leave you Kris. Your so good to me I feel like I don't deserve you sometimes, you been down for me since we were kids you always been my rock and supported all of my decisions no matter how stupid. I wouldn't dream of leaving you bae" I say, she places her hand on my cheek.

"Look bae, we not always gone get along or be all lovey dovey but as long as you got me know I got you too. If this how you wanna make your money then..... I support you but I still don't like it" I sigh resting my head on her breasts, she played in my hair.

"I'll stop" She said, I sighed in relief.

"Thank you" I say looking up at her, she kissed me with passion. Running her fingers through my curls.

"I love you" I tell her, she bit her lip untying her top in the back and tossing it over the back of the chair.

"I love you too daddy" She says attacking my lips. I ain't gone lie, that was a sexy ass secret.

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