chapter 1: first contact

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it was a saturday morning and i had just woken up i rubbed my eyes " tired" i got up throwing on any random clothes i had in my wardrobe... then i went downstairs and saw my girlfriend watching tv...and it looks like she had fallen asleep, i smiled at her going to the kitchen getting a drink of i was half way through making the coffee i had a sudden feeling of dread like something was watching me and my girlfriend i shrugged it off and drank my coffee finally feeling awake despite the shadows under my eyes suggesting otherwise...then i heard her scream so i dropped my cup and ran to her..someone had picked her up and smirked at me he had my eyes except for a red everything..."WHO ARE YOU!?" i roared getting pissed off

he snickered "dont be angry joshy boy...afterall...we both know what happens when you get angry" he said

i froze 'how does he know that?...only my girlfriend knows...' then the reality hit me...he was psychotic twin personality, before i could stop him he vanished with her, i screamed, angry, sad,tired "no...i will not let him have her.." i ran to my room and grabbed my sword and gun then opening a portal hopping in, he wasen't going to get away with this

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