Chapter 7 - Problems

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Sasuke P.O.V

I liked watching Naruto get flustered and angry, it made me feel somewhat superior to him.

The way he clenched his teeth and his eyes gleamed with hate just made me smirk even more.

"Oh, did I hit a nerve?"

I triumphantly ask, my smug grin growing bigger as he furrowed his eyebrows.

Suddenly out of the corner of my eye, I see a familiar figure sneaking up behind Naruto.

Kiba–aka dog breath.

I've never liked Naruto's selection of friends, they've always irritated me, and Kiba is no exception. I'm not very fond of dogs, their constant yapping and need for attention 24/7 is a turn off for me, cats are more to my liking. Anyway, Kiba is exactly like a dog, he is always yelling about crap and never pays attention to anyone, only if it involves something stupid.

Kiba was quickly stalking Naruto, and with a sudden force, he pushes him towards me.

"Hey losers!"

He obnoxiously yells, a stupid grin on his lips, bearing his canine-like teeth.

Naruto stumbles forward, since he has two left feet he trips and drags me along with him. Naruto still has a strong grip on my shirt collar and his face was uncomfortable close as his slender body fell onto mine, pushing me back.

His nose grazing against mine.

His wide bright blue orbs staring startled into mine.

His tanned lips lightly pressing on my pale ones. . .

I wanted to jerk Naruto away, no, I needed to jerk Naruto away but I couldn't do it.

I didn't know whether it was because of his rather soft lips or because he was so close that I didn't pull away.

My hand hesitantly moves from my side and gently presses against Naruto's chest.

What should I do?!

Push him away or. . .

I go with the first option, not even thinking of option two. . .

I harshly push him away, his grip loosening and his hands quickly return to his sides.

His eyes were still wide and looking just as startled as they were before. A rose pink flushed across his sun kissed cheeks. His lips opened slightly, his breathes short.

His eyes finally glancing away from my gaze, wandering else where. I shake my head and pull one hand to my face, covering my mouth in shame. . .shame? More like embarrassment.

"Oh sorry dudes. I didn't mean to push you guys."

Kiba apologised, looking nervously at the both of us. I stare menacingly at dog breath, hoping that it would scare him off, and to my success it did. Kiba instantly got the picture and scampered in the other direction, his tail between his legs.

I snickered and watched him cower away, forgetting Naruto was even there, which was a bad mistake. Naruto had already started walking away, not giving a shit at all, at least, I didn't think so?

"Hey loser, where are you going?"

He didn't look back, but he stopped mid stride.

". . . I'll meet you back at your place. . ."

He mumbles, continuing to trek to my apartment.

I glance at his hair,–don't ask me why, I have a habit of staring at people's features–shining in the sun light, but then I notice something. . .

Naruto's ears where as red as a tomato.

He was embarrassed?

I feel a little more content for some reason, maybe because I'm not the only one who's flustered. I smirk inwardly and think of smartass remarks to use on Naruto as I walk to my apartment.


Naruto's P.O.V

W-What just happened?!

Did Sasuke and I just. . .

No. . .

Sasuke and I kissed.  .  .

My best friend and I just kissed. .  .

As I'm walking ahead of Sasuke, I use this time to replay what just happened.

Sasuke's lips were soft. . . Softer than anything I've ever touched in my life. I would have imagine Sasuke's lips to be chapped or rough, but never so soft.

His body was so warm, even if I wasn't touching him, I could still feel his body heat.

And his eyes. . .  They were wide and full of confusion. His onyx orbs made me feel, weak. . . Under his control, I know I'm stupid for saying this but it's true. Sasuke has a gaze that could kill, but this time it was different, different from those other times he's stared at me, his gaze was kinder. . .

I shook my head fiercely and brung my hand up to my flushed face.

This means nothing!

I start walking faster.

Nothing, this kiss was an accident.

My breathing starts to speed up.

Yeah, an accident, just like when we were younger–we were bickering and my foot slipped and our lips grazed, but that meant nothing, cuz we were kids.

I quickly glance back and see Sasuke staring at the ground.

I wonder what he's thinking right now?

Sasuke P.O.V

I don't know what to think of all this. . .

I mean, I didn't enjoy that quick kiss. . .did I?

Ugh why did that shit face have to push Naruto?!

I huffed and stared up at the sky.

I'm just gonna act like it never happened. . .

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