The Curse of Time: Prologue

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Most people would call our existence strange, but this is more than that, this deserves a headline. We're not spectacular enough to feature on the national or international news, but we warranted a column in the local newspaper headed by seven not so lucky words: Missing Father Returns After Weird Aging Phenomenon. I'm glad that our short-lived fame died and the paparazzi, (what a joke,) got bored with us. Now we can get back to the day to day living if you can call it that.

We live in a typical suburb of Cambridge in an untypical house. It's no bungalow, the floors just go on and on, and so do the rumours about us. When I say we, I mean, our strange extended family comprising mature tantrum-prone Mum, Dad, (alias old man before his time) teenage me the most stable of us all (I think,) and self-harming Esme who isn't my sister but might as well be. I could write a whole book devoted to her alone. Oh, and I forgot to mention our permanent houseguest Shadow, a black cat of indeterminate age and parenthood who arrived one day and never left. The rest of the inhabitants of our household, (except perhaps for me, and Shadow although that is open to debate,) are dysfunctional, weirded out characters.

I have to cope with a lot, (and that's an understatement,) so I resort to painting, rock-and-roll, collecting crystals, writing songs, and poetry. I enjoy writing haiku, a Japanese form of poetry with three lines and some syllables to count. It soothes me. I write Tanka too; adding two longer lines at the end which soothes me more. Each poetic puzzle I jot down serves as a clue for less afflicted folk to decipher what the hell I am talking about.

So what am I talking about? The trouble is I don't know; I'm still muddling through. Although I expect it's a cry for help, (a yell,) combined with me dissecting the details about Mum's life, Dad's existence and his disappearance, Esme's imprisonment, and Shadow's ability to appear and reappear at a moment's notice. And, that's to say nothing about living in a house which feels like a living being!

Yes, I joke to stay sane. That's a lot to process, (sorry) and it's only a fraction, a haiku titbit, so let's keep it simple but poetic and start with a view.

A view, I jest not; I saw this sky through my kitchen window today...


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