Please Don't Go

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Nobody ever knows,
Nobody ever sees,
I left my soul
Back then, no I'm too weak

Most nights I pray for you to come home,
Praying to the lord, praying for my soul.

Now, please don't go...
Most nights I hardly sleep, when I am alone...
Now, please don't go...
I think of you whenever I'm alone....

So, please don't go!

Joel Adams "Please don't go"

"I miss him"

"I need him"

"I want him"

Oikawa Tooru wasn't himself.
To other people he looked normal, since they didn't know how he really was, but in reality he was a mess.

After graduation Oikawa and Iwaizumi went different ways, to different universities.

That, of course, didn't mean that they stopped talking to eachother.

Quite the opposite actually, and there is a reason for that.


It happened after they lost to Karasuno.

The third-years went to a restaurant, spent time together and tried to forget all thr bad things.

However, Tooru just couldn't. He couldn't forget the fact that they lost, the fact that now they won't play any games together, the fact that for the first time in his life he will be separated from Iwaizumi.

Somewhere mid-way to Oikawa's home, Iwaizumi took his hand and without asking him led him somewhere.

Oikawa's mind was blank, so he didn't really care about it, until he realized that Iwaizumi led him to his house.

He said that his parents are out of town, and that he didn't want Tooru to be alone.

His house was nice and big. Iwaizumi let Oikawa relax, while he made hot drinks.

Oikawa sat on Iwaizumi's bed and stared into nothing.

He had been keeping all emotions inside of him and he didn't want to show them to anyone.

However when Iwaizumi sat down in front of him, opened his arms for a hug and said "You don't have to act strong in front of me, you know?", Oikawa broke down.

He jumped into his arms, burying his face in Iwaizumi's chest, crying and sobbing, clinging to Iwaizumi's shirt.

Iwaizumi simply wrapped his arms around him and waited. Waited for him to let it all out.

Oikawa realized that at some point Iwaizumi started crying too. He wouldn't have noticed, but he felt something fall on his hair. He looked up and saw tears rolling down Iwaizumi's cheeks.

The two sat like this for hours, completely forgetting the drinks and the world around them.

During those hours Oikawa thought a lot.

Mostly he thought about Iwaizumi.

He wasn't ready to see him go.

He wasn't ready to live without his smile.

How can he live without love?

Wait.. Love?

It took a while for Oikawa to realize that all that he has been feeling for Iwaizumi was love.

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