First sight

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It's cold. As it is and always will be in district 75 of the West Rukongai. Food is especially scarce. It's hard considering you have a slightly higher spiritual pressure then everyone else you live with in this little cabin. You get hungrier than everyone else, though you must share.
You thank the heavens you were not placed in district 80. It's worse there you've heard. You're beginning to feel tired. You gather the young ones and try to sleep. The Soul Society is a confusing place. Not what you had imagined for an after life. Never really thought there was one either. You wonder how your real family down in the world of the living is doing without you. You miss them more and more everyday. You fall asleep thinking of them.

The next morning you wake to some frantic news. There are intruders who have forced their way into the Soul Society. But not that many people were to concerned, word was going around that the substitute shinigami Kurosaki has also arrived in the Soul Society. Everyone felt a little more safer knowing he was around.
You have gotten ready with the young ones to leave and see if you could find anything to eat when BAM!
The door is burst open by a man. Strange spiritual pressure. You've never felt this before. Who is this white haired man?
"Hello weaklings. My name is Jin Kariya and I'm here to kill you all." the white haired man said strangely calm.
You begin to cry. You feel the little boy you're holding tremble with fear. Then, through the roof, BAMMM! Another crash. This time, it was a young man, orange haired. Maybe around your age or older. His spiritual pressure almost crushed you even from a good distance. Could this be the substitute shinigami everyone talks about? Ichigo Kurosaki?
They both launched at each other. So you at least thought. Both of them seemed to be faster than light. Now they stand at opposite sides of the room. They stand there for a solid 5 seconds before blood splashes from Jin. Ichigo stands up slowly. He's facing you. Your faces only inches apart. He's looking at you kinda funny for a little, just staring. His stare seemed to go farther. Not just at your face but your soul. He quickly regains consciousness of reality again then bolts to finish the job. But Jin was to quick and fled.
"Damn it!" Ichigo yelled.
He was kinda scary. You could feel his spiritual pressure lower and try to relax. You can tell he has been fighting for a long time and is at his limit.
"What the hell was that?!" An older woman asked.
"That was Jin. He's a bount. He is the leader of them. They're here to take over. Get revenge for what was done to them." Ichigo explained. "I'll try my best to protect all of you. That's what I live for." He sat down, legs crossed. Not so far from you. "Sorry, I have to rest. He's tough." The atmosphere was weird. Why did he stay by you?
"Hi" you say to Ichigo kinda awkwardly.
"Hello. Sorry I just could help-"
BAMMMM! Before you know it, you were basically flying.

You're floating in the air being held barely by your robes. It hurt. Jin had came back and grabbed you out of the cabin. Ichigo is floating across from you and Jin. He looks even more scary from before but you can't stop looking at him. He's so unique, that orange hair is unreal. Just like everyone talked about.
But then you think to yourself about how they are able to just float like this. Their spiritual pressure? You can barely breathe because of all of this pressure.
"Let her go. Why her?" Ichigo says
"I could see the way you were looking at her. You care about her." Jin said
"I will protect all innocents"
"So that look you gave her meant nothing?"
"I didn't say that. Just stop. Please"
Then suddenly you were falling. Fast. A black figure had barely caught you and laid you lightly on the ground and flew off. You look up and see Jin and Ichigo at it again. They are so fast you can even make out who is who.  You finally pass out from all this exhaustion and massive amounts of spiritual pressure.

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