No, I Don't Like Her

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Authors Note: I'm sorry that I haven't uploaded in a couple of days. I started school so I won't be able to update as often as I have been. Other than that, enjoy.

Chapter 4

(Alex's P.O.V)

I woke up and got my clothes on as usual and sat across from Damian as he ate breakfast. He smiled at me and continued to read the paper. "So, I've noticed that you've been having trouble with Tegan. What I mean is that when Vanessa is around you get in a mood. That honestly needs to stop. You need to put your feelings for her aside when you're working." He said, causing me to choke on my toast.

"You... Think that I like her?" I asked still choking. "Like who?" Tegan asked, patting my back to help me with the toast. My head snapped over to Damian, who's eyes were wide. "Sara." Damian choked out. I gasped and slammed my head onto the table. Out of all of the people that he could have said, it just had to be her twin sister.

"You like Sara?!" She yelled, causing me to raise my head to meet her furious gaze. "Um..." "You can't like her!" She said desperately, taking me by surprise. I sighed and shook my head. She was really mad. "And why not?" I asked, trying to reason with her. She just growled and stormed out of the kitchen, leaving me alone with Damian.

I kicked Damian under the table and heard him yelp in pain. I smiled as he glared at me. "Why the hell did you tell her that I liked Sara?!" I whispered furiously, afraid that Tegan would hear us. "Because I panicked! You could just tell Tegan that you like her!" He whispered back, putting the newspaper down. "I'm not telling her that because I don't!" I shot back and stood up, started to get irritated.

I quickly put on a fake smile when I saw Tom standing in the living room with Tegan. He waved us over as he handed some papers to Tegan. "How are you Alex?" He asked with a smile. "I'm doing fine, how are you?" I asked with a small smile. I watched Tegan glare at me from the corner of my eye.

Just then Sara walked in and that's when everything got silent. I watched Tegan glare at Sara who looked confused at me then Tegan. I sighed and pulled Sara into my room and closed the door. "Why was Tegan glaring at me? She's never mad at me, well she does get mad at me when I tell her that mom said I was her favorite." She said, looking at me with concern in her eyes. "It's because of me... Damian and I were talking and he sort of said that I liked you..." I said biting my bottom lip. I watched her eyes grow wide with shock.

"Um... So... You like me? I thought you liked Tegan.." She said. "I DON'T LIKE HER! FOR THE A THOUSANDTH TIME!" I shouted, getting irritated. She smiled and nodded. "Okay, god calm down. So um... Should we act like we're dating?" She asked raising her eye brow. "No" I said looking at her seriously. "Okay" she said and walked back out.

I noticed that she always wore a leather jacket no matter what shirt she was wearing. I smiled remembering that I did the same thing. My leather jacket was like a blanky to me.

I walked back out watching Tegan talk with Tom. My heart started pounding and I suddenly felt self conscious. I smiled weakly at her and sat on the couch. "So, the tour will be in a week." Tom said. "You said in a month!" I said, shooting off of the couch. "Well, we got another gig so we have to leave sooner..." He said looking at me with empathy.

I sighed, running my hand through my hair. "Where's the gig at?" I asked looking at them. "Germany" he said causing my heart to sink. I was seriously stressed right now. "And the others?" I asked looking at Tegan. "Other countries and the U.S" she said looking at me with her amazing brown eyes.

"Fine" I said and got my phone out because it had started vibrating.

"Hey!" I heard my brother say. I smiled at the sound of his overly enthusiastic voice. "Hey! What's up?" I asked leaning against the wall. I didn't care that everyone in the room was now staring at me.

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