Chapter Twenty-One

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Who is your godly parent?


  The telling of the last year ended in a pool of tears that would stain the carpet, about 7 flashbacks between the two of them, and at least three dozen hugs.

  Percy's hands were shaking the whole time. Annabeth had to jump in a few times to calm him or take his place in telling the story. It was painful for the both of them and let's just say they stayed clear of details. Lots of them.

  They only mentioned Tartarus. They tried not to talk about the flashbacks but after seven times they couldn't avoid it much longer. They barely talked about Percy being in a coma. And the fact that he was supposed to die.

  After they told the events of the last year, Sally made them blue cookies. That lightened the mood greatly.

  At 8:00 (pm) Argus came to get them. He'd been waiting the whole time. Annabeth felt guilty for forgetting about him but he waved her off.

  Annabeth gave Sally and Paul hugs, promising them they'd come back soon. Percy looked near tears as he said goodbye to his mother. Annabeth knew he'd had to do it one too many times.

  The mother and son were locked in an embrace. Annabeth squeezed Percy's shoulder. "It's already dark," she told him, "we really should go."

  He pulled away from his mother slowly and nodded. He quickly kissed her cheek and muttered, "This isn't the last time, I promise," before allowing Annabeth to roll him away.

  Paul followed them to the car. He and Argus were helping Percy into the van. When he was safely secured, Paul gave Annabeth another quick hug. "Take care of him," he said in her ear as a tear dripped down his face.

  Annabeth tried to hide her shock. She knew Percy and Paul had gotten close but she never knew he cared about him so much. But nevertheless, she nodded and replied, "Of course." He smiled warmly at her before walking back to the lobby. Annabeth watched him go.

  As he disappeared completely, she walked around the car and sat next to Percy. She rested her head on his shoulder. "See? That didn't go too bad."

  "I was hoping she wouldn't have to see the flashbacks."
  "You and I both know there was no avoiding it."
  "Yeah I guess. But a guy can dream right?"

  Annabeth didn't respond. She thought about how instead of her boyfriend wishing for a sports car or something, he was wishing to not break down in front of his mother.

  She sighed as she turned her head to Percy. She looked at him for a moment before pecking his lips and putting her head back in its original position. She closed her eyes. Though she was careful not to fall asleep.

  Annabeth hardly noticed as the car rolled to a stop. Percy gently lifted her head and kissed her nose. "Come on Wise Girl, let's go."

  She opened her door and made her way to Percy's side. In no time, she had him in his wheelchair and was rolling him up the hill.

  Centimeters from the border, Annabeth heard a growl to her right. She was about to push Percy over the border when she lost her balance.

  She saw a figure looming over her. It was dark out and she couldn't make out what the monster was, but she saw the outline. It looked ready to strike.

  Before she could reach for her dagger, she was pinned. By the weight of the monster, she identified it as a hell hound.

  It's teeth came inches from her face. She put her forearm on its chest as an attempt to hold it off. The act didn't make much of a difference.

  It's teeth came closer and she had to turn her head away to keep from being bitten. She was about to give up (A/N Yes you read right, the great Annabeth Chase almost gave up. I know it's unlikely. She would probably come up with a genius plan. But I'm not a genius so just go with it please. Thanks.) when she felt dust settle over her body and the weight disappear.

  She looked up and her beliefs were confirmed. The giant hellhound was no longer a giant hellhound. It was reduced to a big pile of dust.

  She breathed deeply as she stood and brushed herself off. She then looked to Percy. He had his sword held in front of him with shaky arms.

  "You killed it," she stated.
  "Yeah, let's just get to inside the borders."

  She nodded silently as she pushed him over the edge. They made it to the Big House (A/N  Percy's staying in the same room he has been the whole time. Now Annabeth sleeps there because of nightmares.) .

  Annabeth pushed him into the room and sat down on the bed. She ran a hand through her hair. "So... You killed it."
  "Geez Wise Girl, I'm not completely helpless. I thought you would have figured that out by now," he joked.
  "Of course I know that," she said quickly, "It's just... Well, actually I don't really know why I'm surprised."

  He chuckled slightly. "It felt good," he muttered, "not killing it. Just to actually do something after so long. To help."
  "It's only been a couple of months."
  "More like five, six, I've lost count. And you never know when they're our last."
  "Don't think like that," she scolded.
  "Sorry, but we both know it's true."

  Annabeth sighed. She stood up and hugged him tightly. "You did good today," she said as his arms wrapped around her.
  "And by the way, I told so."
  "I said you'd be back in no time. You might be in a wheelchair but your still killing monsters like a pro. So I was right."
  "Like always," he laughed. Annabeth soon joined in. It was the first time since the war that she felt truly happy.

  That night, she fell asleep with her head on Percy's shoulder. Her last thought being Seaweed Brain.

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