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When we arrived at the party there were people all in front. I saw red solo cups and someone was even laying face down in the grass with one next to them. I had to laugh at that.

I decided to wear a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt. Who am I dressing to impress at a party? But as we walk into the huge house, I started to feel very left out as girls walked by in their tight dressed and high heels.

The music was blasting and I wanted to cover my hands over my ears. Why did I agree to coming to this party? I could be sketching clothes or writing in my diary right now. But I'm at a loud ass party with bad teenagers.


I lied to my mother and told her we were all going to Beth's house. Now I feel guilty. I pushed the guilt behind me and looked for my friends. Beth was dancing with a guy I noticed from school and Devon was talking to someone. Great. Im alone.

Someone handed me a red cup and as I smelled it I scrunched my nose up.

"Little Miss Perfect doesn't drink alcohol huh?" I heard a voice full of smirk behind me.

I turned around and saw Dillon. Ugh.

"What do you want?" I angrily asked.

"Oh, you're feisty." He laughed.

"Fuck you." I said walking away.

Okay so maybe that was a little cruel.
I barely even knew the guy. But I don't care. I was already pissed when he said that my mother was a bad cook.

I'm so ready to go home.

I finally found Beth and Devon and we danced for a little while and finally we all agreed it was time to go. Beth was a little tipsy and so was Devon so I had to drive. Sometimes it can be annoying being the mom friend.


The next door neighbor -Dillon- is rude. He had the nerve to say my mother was a bad cook and embarrassed me while doing so, also while at the party yesterday night, he had the nerve to talk to me. I made it pretty obvious that I don't like him and I know he doest like me. He just likes to mess with me. How annoying.
Anyway, I don't want to ruin the mood in this entry... I miss my dad. I miss it when he use to hug me every time he came home at night from work. And I miss how when he did come home and it was late and I was sleeping, he'd kiss my forehead and think I didn't know it, but secretly I knew he was kissing my forehead. I miss that dearly.

I sat my pencil down and stopped writing to keep from crying.

"You'll be okay Cait. He died 2 years ago." I told myself.

But of course I know it wouldn't be that easy after 2 years. This is my dad I'm talking about. He was an amazing man.

I felt tears fall down. Oh no. I hate crying.

"Cait..?" I heard my little brothers voice at my door.

I sniffled and wiped my eyes as the door opened.

"Are you crying?" He asked.

"No!" I snapped. "Please get out."

"Ok I'm sorry." He said.

Why is he being so nice?!

"I just wanted to tell you that someone is at the door for you." He said.

Who would be at the door for me?

"Oh okay." I said as I got up. Thats weird. No one who knocks our door ever comes to talk to me. When Devon or Beth come over they just walk in. My mom knows them well enough. 

As I opened the door I was shocked to see Dillon standing there.

"Yes?" I asked squinting my eyes. That familiar smirk was on his lips. "If you're here to make conversation with me, its not going to happen."

"I think you dropped something when you knocked into me after walking out my kitchen. And why would I want to make conversation with you? You're so boring." He said.

Ouch. Didn't have to be so rude. I looked in his hand and saw my gold bracelet that Ive been looking for.

"Oh. Thanks." I mumbled as I took it.

"Well bye... loser." I heard him mutter as he walked away and I rolled my eyes and slammed the door.

I put on my bracelet and walked back upstairs to my room.

It was extremely hot in my room and usually when that happens I just open the curtains and my window and crack my window open a bit but not when that dickhead over there could just look in.

I peek through the curtain and look to see if he was in his room.

He wasn't. So I opened the curtain and laid back in bed. A nice breeze was coming in and I was glad.

I quickly changed into my pajamas while carefully looking through the window to make sure Dillon didn't come into his and see me and then laid in bed. I was very tired and ready to go to sleep.

I decided to draw a simple dress on an empty sheet in my journal just to pass time. After I was done I closed my diary  and laid my pencil on side it. Then I clicked off my lamp and went to sleep. 

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