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School. I don't favor school at all. I mean who would? I guess I actually do care...what am I saying? I am trying my hardest to pass all my classes because I want to be a fashion designer when I am older. I favor clothes like my life.

I'm not one of those girls who have lots of friends and have lots of boyfriend like most of them at my school.I have only two friends which are Devon and Beth. And I had a boyfriend last year who... well he was already bad news but I didn't listen to myself and I let him in. Its a story I don't want to repeat and probably never will.

"Hey girl hey." Devon came up behind me, and Beth was with him.

"Hey girl hey!" She repeated.

"Hey guys!" I said smiling big.

"Everybody is freaking out about the hot hot new guy. Have you seen him yet Cait?" Beth asked. She's always excited when it comes to cute boys.

"No... I actually haven't." I started wondering if she was talking about the new neighbor. That boy I saw.

"Well he is a babe." Devon approved.

I giggled and rolled my eyes. "Yeah yeah whatever. I'm not even worrying about boys. Mostly my studying and classes." I say.

"You're soooo boring Cait! All you care about is school!" Beth whined.

I took a sharp turn to my locker.

"That is not all I care about! I care about writing too." I classify.

"And writing involves a pencil and paper and pencil and paper involve school." Devon said.

"You guys don't know how important it is to me because I want to have a good future." I said, taking out my books for science class.

"Honey, we're your best friends, we do understand that. But we just want you to know that sometimes it can be work then play, not work, then work, then work again!" Devon smiled at me a little.

"So then whats your plan?" I ask
And Beth and Devon both have mischievous grins.

"Oh gosh, what are you guys thinking?" I asked them.

"Theres a party tonight and-"

"Ugh not a party. You guys know what happened the last time I went to a party." I cringe at the memory.

"That was only one time and it was last year, no one remembers when you got your dress stuck to the door and tore it. And theres a very small chance that will happen again!" Beth said.

"I don't know..." I said. I started thinking about everything scenario that could happen.

"Please?" They both beg with puppy dog faces. How can I deny that?

"Okay fine, but who has a party on a Monday?" I roll my eyes.

"High schoolers of course." Beth laughed as we went to class.

I sat my book down on my desk and faced the front. I always sit in the front seat so I don't miss anything.

I glanced over and felt weirded out as I saw my next door neighbor sit next to me.

"Well, well, well," I heard him mutter. There was a mean, but playful smirk on his face.

He couldn't be talking to me right?

I decided to ignore him because I knew he wasn't.

But then, he talked again.

"You're the girl that was randomly in my house right?" He asked. He said it loud enough for a few people to hear and snicker.

"Um what?" I turned to face him and my cheeks start burning. I really need to learn how to control that.

"You. You were the girl that was at my house. You just stumbled into me and then hurried out." He said with amusement. I could tell he liked the attention he was getting by loud-talking me. And he was very amused by how embarrassed I was getting.

"Oh. Um I'm the next door neighbor. I brought a dish over that my mother made-"

"Oh. That's what dinner was. I hate chicken alfredo." He said with a disgusted face.

"Excuse me?! My mother made that!" I snapped at him.

"Tell her she's a wonderful cook." He said sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes. I was so angry. How dare he make fun of my mothers cooking and embarrass me like that?! I knew he was rude by the looks of him, but I didn't know that when he opened his mouth he'd be ruder.

"Class, meet our new student Dillon Taylor. Tell us about yourself?" The teacher said.

Oh wow, I'm so excited to hear this. Note the sarcasm.

"I moved here from New York-" he started.

A bunch of girls 'ooed' and 'ahhed' but I didnt care.

"I like to listen to music, mostly scream-o and I like to draw." He said. Then he sat back down.

Fucking great. So its him that's across from my bedroom?! Okay, okay, so maybe it's his younger brother or maybe even older brother. I don't know if he has any siblings but I'm hoping its someone else who is in that bedroom across from me that likes scream-o bands and pictures of naked girl. How disrespectful to women. It makes me mad.


Beth and Devon came over before the party and we just hung out in my room.

"So, when you said people were freaking out over the new guy, you weren't talking about Dillion right?" I ask.

"Yeah we were. That's his name? He's the only new student that came yesterday." Devon answered me.

"Oh yuck." I rolled my eyes. "He's a total dick." I said.

They gasped, "What?"

"He's rude. And he's my neighbor. Yesterday I brought him food that my mother made and while I was on my way out, bumped into him, he didn't help me up, he just glared at me. And then in class he criticized my mothers cooking and embarrassed me!" I said angrily.

"Wow." Beth said.

"Yep. I hope I never run into him again. It will be hard because we're neighbors though... What am I saying? It will be very hard. He's just so..."

"Hot?" Beth asked.

"Sexy?" Devon added.

"No!" I laughed. "He's annoying. Now let's get ready for this stupid party."

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