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Inuyasha bolted towards the village at full speed. The sound of Kagome's scream echoed in his head. He's became progressively more worried about his wife and the baby within her. When he was close to the village, he heard another scream. He began to panic and ran towards the direction of her scream.
Once Inuyasha got to his and Kagome's hut, he was surprised to see Kaede in their hut as well. His human wife was on the ground covered in a pool of sweat.
"What's going on? What's the matter with Kagome?" Inuyasha asked in a panic.
"Inuyasha," Kagome began. "Come here." Inuyasha hurried to her side only to see that she was wearing nothing but the top part of her kimono. Her knees were bent and her legs were spread apart with Kaede by her lower half.
Kagome realized her demonic husband was scared for her. "Hey." Inuyasha looked down at her. "Are you ready to be a daddy?" She looked exhausted but you could still see excitement behind her eyes.
The light finally came on in Inuyasha's head and at last he knew what was happening. "Wait, now?! Oh my God! Are you okay?! What do I need to do?"
Kagome giggled slightly at his reaction. "Calm down." she said before she let out another scream at the next contraction.
He grabbed her hand and let her squeeze his own. "You got this, Kagome. I know you can handle it." He smiled softly at her and she tiredly returned the favor.

After about 8 hours of being in labor, the crying of a baby was finally heard. Kaede washed the child and wrapped it in a blanket. She came in and congratulated the happy couple. "It's a healthy baby boy." She said before handing the child to Kagome.
The baby was beautiful. He had white hair like Inuyasha's but shorter with ears striped with the same color black as Kagome's hair. He had Kagome's nose and mouth with inuyasha crimson gold eyes.
"Here Inuyasha. Hold him." She said. Inuyasha wrapped his arms around the baby, being careful to hold the neck. He looked in the baby's eyes and smiled at the sleeping child in his arms. "We still have to name him, you know. Any thoughts?"
"I was thinking something like Daichi." Inuyasha smiled at his wife and gave the baby back to her.
"I think that's perfect." He told her. He sat behind her and held his beautiful wife and new baby in his arms. The two of them had never been happier.

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