[Chapter 18]

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*Jade POV*


Voices filled the whole house, startling me to death. They flip the lights back on. Niall, Zayn, Perrie's family and other people I don't don't were standing with big grins on their faces.

"Oh my god guys! What are you doin' here?" Perrie yelled with excitement filling her voice, she ran to them, leaving us— her clueless friends by the door.

"Perbear!" Five girls squealed and hugged her, but one girl caught my attention. She has raven black hair and grayish-green eyes, she's wearing a blush hoodie, black ripped jeans and leather boots. And she is gorgeous. A pang of jealously hit me, when I realise that the was the girl that I saw in Perrie's phone, Lauren.

"Hey, I'm Camila." A brunette approached and offered her hand out. "Jade Thirlwall." I smiled, shaking her hand. Her eyes widen, "So you're Perrie's friend." She grinned and called Lauren.

"Hi, i'm Lauren. It's nice to finally meet you." She introduced and I mentally scoffed, she reached her hand out and I shook it slowly. Damn her for having the sexiest husky voice I've ever heard. "Jade." I said bluntly, and thank god I saw Caitlin waving to me.

"I see Caitlin, gotta go. It's nice meeting you." I smiled, hurried to leave. They waved and turned back to their posse.

I know that I'm acting impudent, but I can't stop the pit of anger boilling under my skin when I see her.

"Jade." Catlin ran forward and hugged me like she was seaweed to my sushi roll. "Caitlin, how are ya?"

"Great. Everything is fantastic. I have a boyfriend now. Wanna meet him?" She was too excited that I just couldn't say no.

"Luke! Lukie come here." She yelled, a boy with dirty blonde hair wearing a red plaid shirt, black demin jacket and skinny jeans pried himself away from his friends. The closer he got, the more I notice his lip-piercing and sea blue eyes that were slightly lighter than Perrie's.

"Yes babe?" His australian-accent made me giggled, knowing that Caitlin always had a thing for Australians. "Meet Jade, close friend of Perrie's." She introduced. "Hey, I'm Luke." He smiled, making his adorable dimples pop out. "Jade."

"Lukie, I want a drink."

"I'll go get you one, wait here." He turned around and hasten his pace to the kitchen.

"Oh look, my brother." I turned around and saw a familiar blonde, "Jonnie." I yelled at the elder boy. "Hey pickle, oh blimey, you've changed so much since I last saw you." He patted my head as after all these years, he was still taller than me.

"You too, your stubble is a bit much though." I laugh, playing with his now grown puffy blonde beard. "Not very nice, but I'll have to shave this soon." He said and rubbed his beard.

"Have you eaten yet? There's food in the kitchen." He pointed the direction and I immediately rushed to the food. "Hey Jadey, sit here with us." Niall yelled, patting the seat beside him and Liam, I nodded my head and notice some people beside them.

"Hi, i'm Normani and this is Ally." She introduced and I greeted them politely. A boy sat beside them, he had a black beanie over his fiery red hair, and a piercing under his right eyebrow. "Ay' Jade. I'm Michael."

*Perrie POV*

"So why are you all suddenly here?"

"Why? Don't you like it?"

"No, of course I do. Just, why didn't you tell me you guys were coming?"

"We didn't want to ruin the surprise of course." Mum answered. "When are you going back though?" I frowned at the thought of them having to leave me alone again. "We're leaving tomorrow, but don't be sad pet, your friends will be staying here a little longer than us."

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