Chapter 1

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  Author's POV :
  Y/n was like normal 5 year olds cheerful and energetic. She loved the outdoors which was good because she got kicked out of the house for most of the day. While she was out exploring and playing her parents were fighting which sometimes turned physical. Today was like any other day for the h/c haired child or so she thought.
Y/n POV:
   I happily ran downstairs to eat breakfast but before I did I heard mommy and daddy fighting, I hated it when they did that. I ignored them and got to the kitchen and got my stool so I could get my cereal, after getting my cereal I put my bowel on the table then climbed  up onto the chair. After finishing my Lucky Charms I went outside before my parents told (yelled) for me to go. I skipped to my big backyard that had a gate and a path that led to the woods I always wanted to go but mommy got angry and yelled at me if I'm trying to get lost so I never ask anymore she is scary when she's angry especially when she drinks that stinky brown drink. As I looked into the woods I thought I saw something white but when I looked straight at it there was nothing.


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